Wednesday, 28 November 2012

An alarming lack of restraint

I am failing miserably at maintaining my book buying ban. Today I bought two books and they are amazing. Now, there are a number of factors which make this minor setback even more minor. These are that 1. both books are second hand, 2. they were very inexpensive, and 3. one is a classic Penguin/Pelican and the other a Persephone. So, essentially, to not buy these books would have been neglectful of my duties as a lit nerd.
Aren't they beautiful? I'm so pleased to add another Persephone book to my collection. It is my aim to eventually own the entire Persephone catalogue (this takes me to 7), but that is the subject of another post.

Whilst I know I should have exercised restraint, the temptation of these two books was just too great for my currently extremely stressed out mind to handle. Stuff comfort eating, I'm all about the comfort book buying. Also, I blame the bookshop for displaying the books so invitingly. Excuses, excuses...


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