Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Favourite #1

Forgive me for the slightly dodgy title of this post, I'm tired and my brain is failing to be creative. As a lover of alliteration I could not pass up the opportunity to make a weekly favourites feature on a Friday. Every Friday I will share what bookishness I have been loving that week. So, without further ado, let's get cracking.

This week I am loving...bookshop browsing.

As it is the run up to Christmas, money is inevitably a bit tight. I have somewhat cruelly, therefore, put myself on a book ban. I am not to buy any books for myself until 2013 (so near, yet, so far). You will note the 'for myself'; this means that I still may buy books for other people rather than going completely cold-turkey. Still, it is a considerable struggle. In order to avoid the physical and emotional pain and emptiness that is an inevitable consequence of a book ban, I am spending rather a lot of time in bookshops sighing over books and writing down titles into my notebook. The temptation is very great and I may have slipped once (or twice), but I have determination on my side. In my town we have a Waterstones, an independent bookshop and an Oxfam bookshop, all of which are perfect for browsing. In Oxfam, particularly, I can get away with having a cheeky sniff of a book as I pretend to read a couple of pages (please say someone else does that and I am not just a book-smelling weirdo).

Anyway, this week I have been enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by books without the added stress of wondering how I'll pay for petrol if I buy just this one...

Do you like spending time browsing bookshops without the intention of buying? And, most importantly, do you like to smell the occasional book?


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