Monday, 26 November 2012

The problem with being a lit nerd

Yesterday I finished a book. I know, I know, hardly a massive feat, this is a book blog after all. The trouble is, this book I have just finished was really good (review to follow), so now I'm stuck with finding something to read that won't leave me disappointed. Part of the problem is that I now have too much choice. My 'to be read' shelf is rapidly expanding as a result of my 'buy now, think later' philosophy.


This is one of my bookshelves. The top shelf horizontal books are standard adult fiction and literary fiction novels waiting to be read. Horizontal books on the second shelf are non-fiction books waiting to be chosen (except the little pile on the right which are waiting to be alphabetised (yes, I alphabetise like a pro)). So this is where I struggle. Which piece of wordy goodness do I pick up next?

Anyway, I eventually decided on The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles. Fingers crossed it's a goodun. Does anyone else struggle to decide what to read next because of an ever-expanding pile of books still waiting to be read?


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