Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Christmas Experience

This Christmas I am working a lot. I have the big day off but that's pretty much it for like five days either side. I don't mean to moan, because I do love my job. But for me Christmas time means family time and now my brother and sister have moved away, the few days they are home are precious. Whining aside, one of my favourite things about Christmas (that I will miss this year) is spending a few days just reading. It was more or less tradition at one point that I received a book in my stocking which I would inevitably have read by lunchtime. Since my reading tastes have matured somewhat since the good old days of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and everything by Jacqueline Wilson, I now like to choose a book as a Christmas treat. Some years I will reread old classics, others I will choose a book to read slowly and really savour. This year I am torn. I cannot decide whether to reread To the Lighthouse or Persuasion, or whether to discover something new. Maybe I will finally go and buy The Light Between Oceans. (I am sensing a water theme here...). Maybe I'll finally read The Old Curiosity Shop or Vanity Fair. Maybe I'll even take a step backwards in time and fish out some Jacqueline Wilson (Bad Girls, anyone?!).

Whichever book I choose I am looking forward to one blissful day of reading, relaxing with my family, and stuffing myself silly with smoked salmon on crackers. Yum.

Anyone else have any Christmas reading traditions? I'm intrigued!

Merry Christmas!


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