Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Paper vs Digital: My two cents...

Every blogger and their dog has an opinion on the dreaded ebook/ereader vs real books question. I have a very simple opinion: I love books. I love words. I love sentences. In whatever form they may take.

I have been known to unashamedly peruse the yellow pages or a take-away menu just for something to read.  If I get particularly desperate I will read trashy magazines like closer or heat (bear in mind, I pretty much have to be weeping out of sheer desperation to turn to these. But, still, I will and do.) I would find it difficult to call myself a lover of the written word if I did distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable reading apparatus. I mean, that's pretty much the definition of hypocritical is it not? Some of my fellow MA-ians at uni scoffed at my kindle when I whipped it out of bag during breaks. That hurt, my kindle is amazing and I love it. I just don't understand the snobbery. We all love books so why should it matter whether it is a paper book or an ebook?

I travel a lot. I commuted to uni. I like to carry books around but I read a lot of chunky hardbacks which are not very shoulder friendly (though they are brain friendly). I think the kindle gives you the best of both worlds: portable reading. What on earth could be wrong with that? I know I wish I had one when I went travelling.

Having a kindle has not stopped me from buying books. Take a quick browse through this blog and that will quickly become apparent. Perhaps I'm just greedy but I want books and ebooks. I find this to be a nice compromise. And I like to think that buying both means I don't have a destructive effect on the book industry.

Have I stressed that I'll read anything? Leaflets, fire extinguishers, car registration plates (anyone else like to make words out of them? No? Just me?)...

Anyway, meandering rant over. What have you learnt?

1. I like books
2. I love books
3. I talk too much about rubbish


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