Thursday, 28 February 2013

Classics Spin Update (just a quickie)

So I think I've well and truly surpassed myself by finishing my spin book an entire month before the challenge deadline. Good effort, Ellie.

In order to feel like I'm still participating and not being a complete slacker, I'm going to challenge myself to read another one. Considering March is 'Modern March' and I have the Translation Challenge too, I've not chosen a long one to read. I borrowed The Lifted Veil by George Eliot from my first trip to the library and as I've felt no urge to read it yet I thought I'd challenge myself to read it. The version I have also has Brother Jacob in it which I will try to read too.

To sum up...I will aim to read The Lifted Veil (and Brother Jacob) before April 1st. Best get to it.

Bit of a jump from Eliot to Modernism but you've got to keep things interesting haven't you?!


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