Friday, 22 February 2013

Oh, life

I'm going to paint a mental picture for you. A masterpiece, if you will. Imagine me curled up on a sofa, wrapped in my blanket, nursing a diet coke (and a hangover) and watching Skyfall (and welling up terribly at the end). Yesterday, I had one of the weirdest days of my life to date which ended in me, in the aforementioned position, sobbing hysterically at a James Bond film. Yesterday, I was made redundant when the theatre I work(ed) in was closed. I am now unemployed. I think I'm still in shock, I can't quite believe the fact that I will never stroll into The Brewhouse, don my headset and manage a show.

On Tuesday we were told that Wednesday night would be the last ever show at The Brewhouse (the show happened to be Jane Eyre). I had, I guess, the privilege to manage the last show and it was the oddest shift I have ever worked. There were drunk staff members everywhere, the slightly more sober ones were leaving with bags full of sweets from the kiosk and I had a fight with a reporter who tried to get into the auditorium whilst the show was still on. I blocked his way and offered to show him my guns (by which I meant my biceps, and yes, I had been drinking already by this point). At the end of the show the entire team of staff poured into the auditorium to watch the Brewhouse Director make a speech. I have never seen so many adults cry at once. After his speech and after the audience had given the staff a standing ovation there was a mass exodus of crying people to the bar. Mental.

Once all the audience had left, we then began to drink the bar dry. We succeeded. And then we did this:

Yesterday, I woke up with a stonking hangover and went into The Brewhouse to sign forms in the hope that we will get our wages from someone governmenty. We had to go through a security guard to get in, hand in our keys and walk out under the beady eyes of the Administrators. In a word, it sucked.

So I've had an emotional couple of days which has stopped me from reading. All I want to do is lounge in front of the TV and watch bad guys get taken out. I might just have a Bond marathon. Followed by a Haz Poz marathon because I've really got a hankering for some magicy goodness. And Neville in the last couple of films. Ah, Neville.

For a mini update, I've started The Mystery of Edwin Drood which was my Classics Spin selection. I've got it on my kindle so I've been reading it in the gym. Reading seems to make the cross-trainer so much easier and far less boring. I'm really enjoying it actually. I was worried that I'd be disappointed but it's got all the best Dickensian traits, including some wonderful characters. I'm particularly taken with Mr Grewgious and his clerk Bazzard.

Even this cloud has a silver lining: unemployment will give me lots of reading time.



  1. I'm sorry to hear you were made redundant, it must have been a shock especially as it was so short notice. I hope that things work out with time and you get to look back one day and think "that was really awful, but I went on to better things."

  2. Thanks Sam. It was all really surreal but the community support has been incredible. Taunton has lost it's only theatre but I'm not sure it will stay closed for long. I am staying positive though and looking forward to whatever comes next, it's all you can do in such a situation.

  3. Oh gawd, I'm so sorry! That's a crazy fast time to have to try and process it in, and UGH the arts are totally important, governmenty people :( *hugs* all round

    1. Silly governmenty people! It is pretty rubbish, the town will change so much because of this. Thanks, Laura :)


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