Monday, 13 May 2013

ALL THE BOOKS! I mean, Bout of Books 7.0 Updates

Scroll down for updates...go on, get cracking, you know you're dying to.

It's Monday! It's here! Oh the excitement! Seriously, you guys, I know I'm always excited about something or other but it's Bout of Books and I've already got off to an excellent start. Basically, all I'm asking for is for you to bear with me in my week of unbridled book passion (saucy) and pretty much join in. Let's spread the saucy book love. 

So this morning I was up unspeakably early (6am for those who care) because the boy had to go to work. I also have to work so there was no time to roll over and catch some more z's. BUT today that didn't bother me. Instead, I swiftly kicked him out, made myself a coffee and settled back in to bed with The Marlowe Papers (which is awesome, by the way). I was thoroughly spurred on by a virtual high-five from Riv who was also up unspeakably early. I managed about 40 pages before having to get ready and I must say it has been a rather wonderful start to the day.

By the way, I tweet a lot. Like, really rather a lot. If you fancy following me for more general updates and literary excitements my name thingy is @ellielitnerd. 


I've been reading: The Marlowe Papers, If I Close my Eyes Now (kindle), The Winter of the World (poetry)
Pages read: 83 pages, 9% of kindle book, 7 poems
Number of book related tweets: waaaaaay to many to count - twitter chat
Song of the day: Cannonball by Diamond Youth


So it's Tuesday, day 2 of the amazing Bout of Books. Monday was, in a word, AWESOME. I totally loved it. Didn't get a whole lot of reading done but I was generally enjoying the readerly vibes that were going round. The twitter chat was brilliant though my head really hurt afterwards. It moved SO FAST and there were people EVERYWHERE. I can't lie, it was pretty spectacular. I'm feeling pretty good about my goals, though I don't know how productive it will be having two books and one poetry collection on the go and I'm still dying to start Life After Life. Oh the stress. 

I did get up super early again today and managed a bit of reading before work. It's now lunchtime and work has been CRAZY BUSY so I've not been able to get away with the old kindle-under-the-desk trick. But I am sneakily writing this whilst the receptionist is on lunch so she doesn't think I'm shirking my admin/writing duties...

I've been reading: The Marlowe papers, If I Close My Eyes Now
Pages read: 23, about 3% of kindle (damn you, not having page numbers)
Number of book related tweets: none so far...give me time
Song of the day: Esmerelda by Ben Howard



  1. 6am is a hideous time to be awake, but 40 pages before breakfast sounds like a pretty good way to start the day :-) I've heard good things about The Marlowe Papers, and I was hoping to read some more Orange longlisted books this year... I could easily be tempted!

    1. It was hideous at first but the reading did save it. Be tempted! It is very good, particularly if you're a fan of Shakespeare. And the rest of the longlist is shaping up pretty well too :)

  2. Ugh, I accidentally woke up at 6 am today! And promptly went back to bed, lol. Too tired.

    Sounds like an awesome start to your day though! Have fun!!

    1. I think that was a sensible idea! It was pretty good though. I'm certain I will have fun, I hope you do too!

  3. Go Ellie. To be honest, if I had ever made my Top 10 Best Book-Related Memories, one of them would have been from those summer mornings when I woke up 5 am (deliberately - I worked back in the office those days and I work with news, so early mornings are inevitable) for a few weeks and read Martin Eden with my morning coffee. About an hour a morning or so. Whole world was asleep and the air was all crisp and stuff (now doesn't that sound idyllic :D) And I don't know if it is because of that or not but Martin Eden is one of my favourite books (it's obviously also a really good book - I think if you read a bad book 5-6am in the morning things could go pear shaped real fast).

    Here's to more reading, I've had stupid errands etc this afternoon but hoping to chip in book-action as of right now.

    1. There is something so peaceful and other-worldy about being up so early. Particularly when everyone else in the house is asleep. I'm going to do it this week, maybe try and get into a routine of it because it really does put me in a better mood for the rest of the day. I may have to check out this Martin Eden if it kept you going at that time. I love that, things would definitely go pear shaped if it was a bad book!

      I hope you're enjoying the readathon :D

    2. I am! It has been an awesome first day, albeit a bit too busy for my taste. I think I'll make an update tomorrow morning since I still intend to read a good bit before my eyes fall closed.

      It's a good idea trying to wake up earlier to start the day with something you enjoy doing! Too bad my work day starts so early, otherwise I'd probably do it regularly.

      Martin Eden is a strange phenomen for me, since it's obviously a classic book (by Jack London), and it has very high 4.28 rating in Goodreads (, which I think is accurate, but what do I know - I gave it five stars, right :D, but the strange thing is I really haven't encountered any talk about it. At all. I don't know. Maybe it's a bit of a hidden gem. But either people don't read it, or then they read it and don't discuss it. Or they discuss it in some totally secret place. I also read London's White Fang, which wasn't really my cup of tea, so it's really about the novel and not the author, maybe.

      Anyhow enough rant, I'll continue ranting in my own blog tomorrow :)

      Happy reading!

    3. It sounds like it must be a hidden gem. Maybe White Fang/The Call of the Wild have overshadowed it. That seems to happen a lot for the classic authors. But then maybe there is a secret society that absolutely adore it, discuss it in a secret location and you have to be invited to join? Yep, I'm going with that.

      I'm so pleased you've had a good first day :) It's all a bit whirlwind-y but so much fun. I just wish I had more time to read, my work day is quite long. I am enjoying the early starts though, I'll see how long I can keep it up...

  4. ALL THE BOOKS indeeeeed! I'm still excited for it like it hasn't even started yet! But it has! I am totally allowed to be reading right now! I must read!!

    I'm going to go away now and take a sedative or something...

    1. I've been home from work for like 2 hours and not read a single word! Though I did participate in the twitter chat so now I'm RIDICULOUSLY over-excited and probably won't be able to read for at least an hour. Oh the perils of being easily pleased.

      I may join you...

  5. I'm in awe of your progress - and with all that time reading, I'm impressed that you still found time to blog/tweet.

    6am is an awful time, isn't it? My alarm goes off then but I always need to snooze for at least five mins as it's just so early!

    1. I am an excellent multi-tasker...very pleased with my progress though! Let's hope it continues.

      It's a horrible time but it is actually surprising how peaceful it is to be awake then. Although, less so if it means you're up to go to work.

  6. Aaaah, the Twitter chat yesterday was FRICKIN' CRAZY. No more crazy than last time, I don't think, but I forget how mad it is until it happens again! :)

    I love that you sneak your book under the table. I used to do that at school, and now I totally do it LEGITIMATELY at the shop. Ironically, I reckon I'll probably read more at work than I have done the last two days, so we'll see how that goes. For the first time ever, my new laptop actually has my iTunes so I can listen to music again, so I've spent half the day playing on there instead of reading! Damn my lack of willpower.

    Happy reading for another day, fellow Ellie! :)

    1. I'm pretty jealous that you do it legitimately. I'm totally on edge the whole time, looking over my shoulder, twitching a little, keeping one eye on the door and one on the kindle. It is not really a productive reading experience but it is fun nonetheless.

      When it comes to music I have no willpower either. When it comes to a shakedown between books and music I'm a jibbering wreck and never know which to choose.

      Happy reading to you too, fellow Ellie :)

  7. Glad you had an awesome day 1, hope day 2 is just as awesome for you! I am making progress slowly but surely and bummed I missed the twitter chat! Are you doing the Classics Club spin? I just posted my list today and can't wait to see what # they pick on Monday and what I'm in store for! Here are my Bout of Books Read-a-thon Goals and updates if you'd like to stop by.

    1. The twitter chat was fun, but there are more to look forward to! Hopefully see you at one. I am doing the spin, I'm currently in the process of compiling my list. It was so much fun last time. Thanks for stopping by, I'll head over to yours now...


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