Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bout of Books 7.0: The Goals

I've been umming and ahing about how many books I'm going to make it my aim to read during the readathon. My life always seems to be quite hectic between work, training, volunteering, friends, family, boyfriend...but I'm determined to blast this slump once and for all which means getting my butt in gear and making reading my priority for the week. I'm so excited. So, to the goals.

  • I aim to spend between 2-3 hours reading a day. I usually read on my lunch break so that's not a biggie but I'm going to get up a bit earlier and read over breakfast and get back into the habit of reading at the gym. Seriously, reading makes the cross trainer far more interesting. I've also been a bit lame recently when it comes to reading before bed. I'm managing a couple of pages before dropping off at the moment so I'm going to try and keep myself awake for a chapter at least (we will see). 
  • I want to finish 2 novels and 1 collection of poetry and make a stab at starting one of the many non-fiction books on my pile.
  • I also want to join in on twitter, find some new blogs and generally get friendly with EVERYONE. Watch out, I'm coming for you...
  • In terms of reviews, I will try and write them as I go along but if that cuts into my reading time they will have to wait. With any luck I'll be able to update daily.
It's going to be a busy week. 
I am planning to read some or all of these:

I am about halfway through Fifty Shades of Feminisim and I have already started The Marlowe Papers. I'll be reading Parade's End on kindle in the gym too. I think this can be done...



  1. Ellie! I was so ridiculously excited to see your readathon books :D (*cough* Kate Atkinson *cough*) Then again the other side of me wants to cheer you to read some of "The Marlowe Papers" (and write about it).

    I think I'll make a similar post tomorrow with the books I'm gonna choose from. And updating regularly is a good idea. And I totally thought the same thing - that if blog writing gets on the way, it needs to wait until the week is over (not that I'm good at writing regularly anyway...)

    1. I promise I will try and do both! It's tricky because I'm so desperate to get to Life After Life but I don't want to rush The Marlowe Papers. I'll probably end up reading them alongside each other which I think will be easily done considering the style of The Marlowe Papers.

      I'm thinking I might use twitter a lot for updates throughout just in case I can't find time to actually blog. I am so excited!!

  2. Yay, all my favourite bloggers are joining in. I'm getting really excited for the readathon, I've already started upping my reading!

    1. I have too! I really am raring to go, I think it'll be a good week :)

  3. YAYYY!! Excited you're joining in! And I hope it gets your reading mojo back! I really miss reading at the gym, but since I don't do certain machines as often as I used to it just hasn't been happening.

    Can't wait to see what you think about Life After Life! And Fifty Shades of Feminism, which sounds interesting...

    1. I'm so excited to be joining in! Potentially a little over excited, I'll grant you, but there is usually always one :)

      Reading at the gym was such a revelation. I love music but when I want to blast out a long cardio session I get so bored and my kindle makes the perfect boredom blaster.

      I am dying to read both, I'm sure there will be gushing reviews. Enjoy the readathon!

  4. You reading pile looks great! Marlowe Papers!! :D Can't wait to see what you think about it :)

    I Read, Ergo I Write

    1. I've started it already and it's so good. I read a bit last night where he had a dream that followed the story of Titus Andronicus. I had a massive nerd moment!

  5. That looks like a great pile. the Marlowe one is on my TBR but Fifty Shades of Feminism sounds interesting!

    Happy reading!

    -Bahnree @ Bahnreads


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