Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bout of Books: Saturday

Yesterday we had sun. Actual sun. He had his hat on, hip hip hooray. Instead of spending my day off reading like I should have/wanted to, I ended up having a trip down to the beach. I can't say I mind because there was food, there were boats, there was the sea and there were some rays to catch. Somewhat shockingly I did not manage to get sunburnt. I usually turn an unsightly shade of pink the minute those UV's touch my ridiculously sensitive baby skin. Factor 50 is my friend. But I successfully managed to avoid the lobster tinge. Always a good thing.

If I had my way I would have read at the beach all day but, unfortunately, I had to be sociable and actually talk. Most irritating*. I did get some reading done before I went to the gym and when I was at the gym so the day wasn't a total loss on the book front. I'm so happy to have started Life After Life finally.

Saturday's Progress

Books I read from: Life After Life, If I Close My Eyes Now
Pages read: 20, about 15% of kindle
Books finished: 1
Number of book related tweets: 5
Song of the day: Together by The XX (Gatsby soundtrack again...just can't stop listening to it)

*I promise I am not as anti-social as I come across...

P.S. I am writing this with the hangover from hell. I swear never to touch alcohol again. Ever.



  1. "but, unfortunately, I had to be sociable and actually talk. Most irritating*."

    Ahh, don't feel bad. That's mean in just about every situation :-)

    I have Life After Life from the library and it's due in TWO DAYS. I really should start it...

    Happy last day of the readathon!

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! Hmm, it definitely might be a good idea to start that. It'll suck you right in. Hope you enjoyed the readathon!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the sunshine :) I think I know what you mean about wanting to read all day. Hope you're still enjoying Life After Life.

    1. I'm loving it, though I do keep falling asleep whilst reading it. Not the best effort :)

  3. I must check out the Gatsby soundtrack! CONGRATULATIONS on not getting sunburned (I have a tendency to get rather pink too) and I'm totally with you on wanting to lie and read when there's sunshine and sand to be had. It's just... the law or something. :)

    1. It is awesome! Do it now. Thank you! It is so unusual for me not to that I feel like celebrating. It totally is the law. If it's hot/sunny/sandy, there is nothing to do but read :)


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