Friday, 7 June 2013

Missing me yet?

So I know you've all been distraught without my constant posting and going mad on twitter (yes, I am aware that I tweet probably a bit more than is healthy) but fret not, I am here.*

I am writing this on my new iPad (squeeee) sat in our apartment in Washington DC. It is raining. Very hard. Hello, British weather. BUT that is ok because I have sat in comfort reading my book all afternoon. We did brave it this morning to go to the Museum of Women in Art which I was super excited about because, well, it's women, I love women and I love getting all feminist. The museum turned out to be a massive let down (they advertised as having Georgia O'Keefe's but had none in display and half of it was shut off). Not cool, Washington, not cool.

Washington in general is pretty awesome though. The Hirschorn art gallery was brilliant (I love all that weird modern stuff), we cycled the Mount Vernon trail and Mother and I ran to the Lincoln Monument and the Reflection Pool. Really quite amazing. 

I obviously have been browsing the bookstores but I have only purchased one book (so far). Continuing my love affair with Zelda, I bought Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck. It is a lovely looking book with those jagged, uneven pages that I love so much. I have actually bought more running gear than I have books. I love me some running Lycra. (How many times have I said 'love' there?)

I have finished three books THUS FAR. Ignorance by Michele Roberts, Where D'You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I have enjoyed all three immensely.  Ignorance had me cursing humanity and then loving humanity again. Bernadette was just awesome and Eleanor and Park...well, actually E&P has been a disappointment but it was full of Star Wars references which got me all nerdy and excited so that's a redeeming factor. I will be reviewing all of these so I'm not going to go on and on. I have just started Salley Vickers's latest and she has never let me down so I'm looking forward to getting into it a bit more. We have a four hour bus trip on Sunday to New York so I'm sure that'll give me chance to read plenty. I do love being on holiday. All the flat madness is still going on (just don't even go there) but I am literally hundreds of miles away so I am chilled to the max. Reading, eating, walking around and spending time with the fam. Excellent.

Anyway, how are you all? What have you been reading? Any recommendations? Any bookstore recommendations for New York City? I do need to buy more books before I go home.

* please note, my ego is not that big.



  1. I miss your tweets! :D And posts, ofcourse. But nice to see you are alive n kicking and having a good time!

    I have this feeling about Eleanor and Park that even though it has different premise and all that, I may be a little... old? *gasp* for this book, still. I doubt I will read it any time soon.

    I've been reading my spin book Villette (half way through and it's so good!) and Outlander (cos it's summer for heaven's sake and I need a light-ish read). Also I had to take something aside to Villette because I am having a little slump again (all these warm weathers + busy - yesterday I got to reading only once I was bed in the evening! Blasphemious).

    I just ordered myself the Women's Prize winner this week, too. Along with two Paleo-eating books - another reason why I don't have time - I've been making three meals a day from scratch for a few weeks now and even though it feels awesome health-wise, it leaves a lot less time for everything else. But health and eating good is important, so soon I shall find a balance.

    Ok enough rambles for now. I think maybe I really should post from time to time on my own blog too... :p

    Have a nice continuing holiday!

    1. I think even with the interesting premise, Eleanor and Park is still just a boy meets girl romance between teens and I just found it all a bit (dare I say it) cliche. Maybe I'm just a bit jaded (already?!) or just plain cold hearted.

      I'm so pleased you're enjoying your spin book. I really didn't take to villette when I tried to read it but I think perhaps I was too young. It will be one to retry at some point. Of course you need lighter reads! It's the summer (supposedly)!

      I look forward to reading your thoughts on the winner. I have read some mixed reviews and I think it almost seems to have been an underdog kind of win. It does sound good though.

      Cooking from scratch is so darn time consuming. I eat a lot of veg and the prep takes forever. Mostly because I'm slow but still, it takes a long time. I'm glad it feels awesome health wise though. I am always surprised by how much difference your diet can make to how you feel.

  2. New iPad? JEALOUS!!!

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun! American books are weird, aren't they? We went to the southern states for our honeymoon on a road trip and I remember thinking that the paper & cover quality just make them feel completely alien to English books.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

    1. It is so cool! I keep just admiring it's shinyness.

      Sounds like a great honeymoon! They are weird and alien but quite lovely. They seem a bit bigger which is a slight let down but I do love those uneven pages. Although they are pain when you're reading it at times. :)

  3. It sounds like you're having such a good time!

    Ah, Bernadette! I loved that book :)

    Keep enjoying yourself, take lots of pics!

    1. Bernadette will definitely be a re-read in the future. It had me chuckling away :)

  4. Oooh, oooh oooh, you absolutely HAVE to go to The Strand in NYC- it's on 8th and Broadway (waaaay downtown) and it's totally amazing and you will DIE at how awesome it is! (Die in the good way, that is...) That's all I have, but it's a really really good one!

    I am sad you were disappointed by E&P though! Will have to gently argue with you when you review it hahaha

  5. Gah! Sounds like E&P might've been a bit of a fail for you, but I'm pretending I didn't read that. ;)

    Enjoy your trip! Sounds awesome so far.


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