Monday, 26 August 2013

Bout of Books: The End

I think it's fair to say that Bout of Books 8.0 for me has been a semi-flop. Reading wise it has been awesome but in terms of all my other more social goals I have completely missed the mark. Poor effort, Ellie, poor effort *shakes head*. Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed a week of reading and I have made sure to soak up the literary atmosphere from the sidelines.

I finished three books this week (can I get an 'AWESOME'?!): Emma, The Universe Versus Alex Woods and Ransom. I've also been reading some more of the essays in Fifty Shades of Feminism which I am still loving and trying to draw out the reading experience as long as possible. 

Bad news though: I am currently in the middle of a post-BoB slump. Yesterday morning I finished Ransom and have not picked up a book since...DUN DUN DUUUUUN. This is not cool, guys. It's probably not so much of a slump as a 'got-really-busy-went-out-got-drunk-attempting-to-recover-but-have-brainsplitting-hangover' type issue. A self-inflicted slump, if you will. But in a bit I am going to spend some quality time with my bookshelves and settle on my next read. So many choices! Maybe I should just get cracking with my next classics spin book...

To sum up: BoB 8.0 has been awesome, I've read a lot but kept out of the social sphere and now I'm struggling to know where to go from here. Also, I have a terrible hangover. 

How was your week?? Did you achieve your goals or fall a bit short of some, as I have?



  1. Not every Bout of Books has to be the same! 3 books is 3 books and they ain't going nowhere now that they have been read by you.

    Now with my newfound liking towards Jane Austen, I want to read Emma too.

    Hang in there, hangovers come and go - sometimes you just need a good gulp of something stronger to get some things straight, is what I think. (Sometimes it doesn't help of course, but you won't know until you tried.)

  2. Oh, no no no, splitting headaches of ANY ORIGIN are not happy partners with the reading experience. I really want to read Alex Woods now but it's IN A BOX. As are all the other things people have NATURALLY been reading this week while I CAN'T FIND THEM. *sighs* Temptation is everywhere.

    Go lie still for a while. Drink coffee. Introduce books slowly so as not to jar yourself. Recuperate. *passes aspirin and biscuit tin* DO NOT EAT ALL THE COOKIES SAVE ME ONE THANK YOU.

  3. Don't push yourself too hard, that's what I've found. I had SO MANY GOALS for my first Bout of Books and I burned myself out trying to comment on all the blogs. This time around I took a much more casual approach. (And sorry, can't help with the hangover.)

  4. Woooo for finishing 3 books! I mean reading-wise, you did pretty great and that's the whole point of the readathon!

    I always struggle at the social aspect of readathons, partly because I want to use spare time to get reading in and not spend a lot of time online. Twitter chats are fun, but other than that I just try to comment on a couple blogs a day, new or old, and even that doesn't always happen. Don't stress it.

    Hope your hangover gets better :/

  5. You're not alone. I read a lot but I completely failed at the other bits of a Bout of Books ;)

  6. I am awaiting for the releasing of fifty shades of grey..........
    christian grey


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