Monday, 28 October 2013

At the moment I am...

Reading... The War with the Newts by Karel Capek. This is an unusual choice for me but I am really, oddly, enjoying it. I am reading it for a book club I have recently joined that reads only post-apocalyptic fiction (how could I not join?!) and I will be attending the meeting and discussing this one tomorrow evening. I'll share my thoughts (and Bookclub experiences) with you all at some point, no doubt. This one is actually perfect for the Translation Challenge too!

Writing... CV and application forms...oh joy.

Listening to... My iPod on shuffle. I adore doing this, I always end up rediscovering some serious gems. Tonight Macklemore's Thrift Shop came on at just the perfect moment to put a giant smile on my face. That song always gives me the half-marathon warm fuzzies.
Looking forward to... New challenges. Recently I've had a number if people tell me (in not quite such clear terms) that I am in a rut. After some thought I am inclined to agree so I have been actively looking for ways to make small changes to my life. Step one is getting back into a theatre and I actually have a trial volunteer shift this week (fingers crossed) so maybe, just maybe, I can start climbing my way out of this rut.

I am also looking forward to #readWilkie which starts on Friday. And by looking forward I obviously mean obsessively checking the date, moving the book closer to my bed inch by inch, and flipping through the pages on a daily basis as I get ready to get my fill of Wilkie. Me, excited? What on earth gave you that idea?! 
Hankering for... Some serious book browsing (shopping). I feel that several members of the fam will be getting books for Christmas this year.



  1. Good luck with your trial volunteer shift, hope it leads to bigger and better things :)
    I love buying people books for Christmas, it's as much fun for me as it is for them!

  2. I am also looking forward to #readWilkie. Also the copy I got is sooo lovely and I'm tempted to peek inside (but I better not!)

    On a more serious note, I think I also desperately need some new challenges. And a new job. Good luck with the theatre project!


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