Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review: The Drake Equation

The Drake Equation
Heather Walsh

'She's a Democrat, he's a Republican...'

You know when you start reading a book and you're not convinced it's going to turn into anything special and then BAM it gets good? Yes, that was this book. I wondered if the American setting might confuse me (seriously, those politics go way over my head) but I'm pleased I judged this book by it's cover (have you seen how gorgeous it is?!).

Emily is a Democrat working for an environmental non-profit and Robert is a Republican working PR for an SUV motor company. Match made in heaven? I think not. Nonetheless, they fall hopelessly for each other but face challenges that threaten to ruin their made-for-each-other status. 

The first thing I loved about this book was the fact that the majority was dialogue-centric. All this dialogue has the intriguing effect of making you feel like you're there on that date with Emily and Robert. I found myself thinking of things I would ask Robert because, let's face it, he seems delightful. It's not all that often that I adore a dialogue heavy book so much but here it works so well. We experience the process of falling in love and getting to know the characters. I liked it. It made for some excellent character development too.

As the description suggests it is an American politics heavy book which, as a Brit, I often struggled to comprehend but the basics surrounding the environment were interesting and it was wonderfully used to create tension (of the normal kind and the sexual kind) between the two main characters.

'It was more like standing on a platform and watching a train slowly pull away.'

I have noticed that many contemporary novels use references to Jane Eyre to develop their characters and to create links between characters. Whilst this is verging on cliche nowadays I cannot deny that it does give me the warm fuzzies. As a lover of Jane Eyre it does make me happy to see the universal nature of the book's themes demonstrated to be universal. If that makes sense. The book also includes references to art, astronomy, psychology and poetry (Dover Beach is quoted which also made me go all fuzzy).

This book is a quiet sort of romance. It is adult and realistic and Emily and Robert are real people. They're plagued by normal troubles and worries and I think it has a quiet power because of that. The Drake Equation is thankfully not a explosive romance fantasy but a subtle and heartfelt love story. And for that reason, I loved it.

Also, this little Star Wars reference (intended or not) I loved:

'I love you, Emily.' She smiled. 'I know.'

Thank you to the author for providing with a copy to review. The novel was launched today, October 10th.



  1. The cover is really pretty! It's not the topic that I would normally lean towards either, but I'm glad it proved to be an interesting read.

    1. I'm pleased I tried it even though my initial instinct was to avoid it. Sometimes you've just gotta try new things :)

  2. Hmmm normally I've been kind of shying away from love stories because they seem like they're geared too much towards young people, but this sounds really good! And I like the basic premise too, especially since things are so so hateful between Dems and Reps right now...

    1. This definitely is a love story for real adults. Not fantasy and no sickly expressions of love just real people.

  3. I hadn't heard of this one at all Ellie. The cover is captivating, I could look at it for a long time. Thanks for reviewing it.

    1. Captivating is the right word! I do keep having a cheeky stare at it :)

  4. I like the cover of this book, and although the the references to Jane Eyre sounds interesting, I think I need to read Jane Eyre first (I have a vague idea of the story, but haven't read the book). This is probably something I would consider reading!

    1. Maybe to appreciate fully the references it would help, but they are all explained (which I think is a really good idea). I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to read it!


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