Monday, 25 November 2013

At the moment I am...

Reading...The Testimony by James Smythe for my book club tomorrow. I joined a dystopian book club a month or so ago called the Post Apocalyptic Book Club and this is second book I have read with the group. I've been loving this one and am at that point where I don't want to put it down. It's written from a million different perspectives and the big bad is something that will prompt much discussion (and debate) so I think tomorrow evening may be a good one. I will be reviewing this one too because I have SO MANY THOUGHTS.

Also, I've nearly finished Wilkie!

Writing...I'm collating a list of WW1 fiction at the moment which is actually a bigger job that I thought - there is so much. I'm also trying to whittle down a list of top 10 WW1 books - if any of you can think of a book that just has to be in a top 10, let me know.

Looking forward to...GLASGOW. Yes, it's here. I'm on a half day on Thursday then it's back to Somerset and then to the airport on Friday with my Ma. I've got my bobble hat and woolly socks packed...

Hankering for...a proper Sunday lunch. Bit of an odd one.

Listening to...a random mix of Deaf Havana and classical music. Deaf Havana for those times I need a good old sing and bootie shake and the classical for when I'm really focusing on my writing. Perfect. FYI I've gone for the singing and butt shaking today.

Christmas lights in Sloane Square



  1. I haven't heard of The Testimony, but the fact that it has you so involved is very promising!

    1. It doesn't actually happen very often (surprisingly) but I really did get very involved in this one. Shame the ending turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.


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