Friday, 1 November 2013

#readWilkie: The Start

'There are few higher, better, or more profitable enjoyments in this world than reading a good novel.' (Wilkie, 1856)

Well said, Wilkie...So, the day is finally here. Let the month of Wilkie begin! Thankfully I was out for most of yesterday evening otherwise I think I would have spent to whole thing fondling the book and becoming increasingly desperate to just start reading. Yeh. It's like that. Anyway, since I wasn't in close proximity to the book until late when I was too tired to do anything but catch some z's, I avoided that kind of over-excited (slightly worrying) behaviour. Phew.

To get me started today I'll be doing some tube journey and lunchtime reading before settling in (post-gym) with Wilkie this evening. It's going to be wonderful. It's November, it's cold and it's damp so for me it will be buckets of tea, blanket, snacks and reading.

Just to remind you all of the schedule for the is completely low pressure, so low pressure you could do it lying down (which I will be, at times):

1st November - START READING

16th/17th November - Mid-way catch are you getting on? What do you think?
30th November - The finish and review (though not necessarily on that date if you aren't able)

I'm going to be doing some Wilkie-related posts throughout the month just so I can have a bit of an outlet for my excessive Wilkie love. I'm planning on reading Peter Ackroyd's recent biography this month (it has been placed by my bed) which I'm hoping will shed some light on Wilkie the man and author.

There is a master Mister Linky below so add all your posts to that as and when you decide to write one. And don't forget the hashtag #readWilkie on twitter.

Given it's the first day today, how about sharing a picture of your version of The Moonstone on your blog or twitter? We all know that book porn is ridiculously addictive and I know there are some knee-knockingly gorgeous versions available so, please share!

Happy reading everyone and I hope you enjoy reading Wilkie!



  1. I sort of shared my boring cover on my blog already. I livened it up by picturing it draped over a peace lily and surrounded by other, more pretty books. :D

    1. P.S. I got distracted last night by a shop viewing/a super long shower/the cat/watching House, and am now reading like a FRICKIN' NINJA trying to finish Attachments so I'm not super-late starting Wilkie. YOU'VE DONE THIS TO ME, ELLIE. :P

  2. I've already started the book (finished the Prologue and a bit of the first chapter) and made quite an unnecessarily thorough post about my copy, which I linked above :p

  3. YEAH! I managed to read 28 pages on the train into work this morning and my very, VERY early verdict is that The Moonstone is going to be terrific.

    I love my edition - it's the Penguin English Library edition and is a really cute shade of lilac. I badly want to get lots and lots of other PEL editions now so that it has lots of beautiful friends but I'm trying to resist...

  4. I just startet it and read 14 pages. I think I'm gonna like it. Unfortunately I get the wrong copy. I wanted the Penguin edition, but get the Dover. That's annoying, but I wanted to start right today, so I didn't change it.

  5. Thank you for hosting this! I didn't get a chance to start yesterday, but I've got loads of time today to dig in. I picked up an old hardcover version from my library's book sale, but I will probably be reading online, too. Can't wait to get started!

  6. My cover is awful. It's an old paperback with a big diamond on the front.

  7. I'm reading The Moonstone on my Kindle and I cheaped out and got one of the cheapest options so my cover is plan old green with white text. Boring!


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