Friday, 27 December 2013

A Very Bookish Christmas

This Christmas, as ever, I could tell which collection of presents was mine before even looking at the tags. Yep, all the book-shaped presents were sat in a little pile, eagerly awaiting me stripping them of their wrappings, opening their covers and…OK, getting a little bit dodgy right there. Let's all just calm down.

I received some lovely books this year, some which I'd hinted at wishing to find under the tree and others which were just a brilliant surprise. Iain Banks's death this year reminded me of how obsessed I was with him back in my college days. I remember reading The Wasp Factory on the recommendation of a fellow lit nerd and completely falling for Banks. I never owned a copy of The Wasp Factory and I would really like to re-read it so I was completely overjoyed to receive that and two other Banks novels (that dude was prolific -  I've read a ton but still no way near everything). 

I've wanted to read Almost English since hearing extracts at a reading I went to in the summer. I have read another novel by Charlotte Mendelson (I forget what it was called) and I remember really enjoying it so I'm looking forward to getting to this one. I don't think I need to say anything about And the Mountains Echoed except that I am VERY excited to read it. Hosseini's first two novels completely blew me sideways and I have no doubt this will do the same. 

Perhaps the best book I was given for Christmas was one from my sister, Twitterature. It's not an unknown fact that I adore twitter and I have wanted this book since I first came across it months ago. It has not let me down. Imagine my family and I, kir royales in hand, trying to guess which literary masterpiece is being retold through twitter. There were many wrong answers but it sure was an interesting evening. Anna Karenina is by far my favourite with Oedipus not far behind.

And, of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Star Wars related goodies. I shall spend the next few months snuggled up in my Storm Trooper onesie (yes, that's a thing), drinking peppermint tea from my new Storm Trooper mug. I'm practically Vader's right hand woman. I think I'll leave you with that image…

Did you have a very bookish Christmas? I hope whether it was bookish or not, you had a lovely couple of days.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful pile of gifts! Have you read Shakespeare's Starwars? That was under our Christmas tree (for my husband and for my brother-in-law) and seems right up your alley.

  2. I read something by Charlotte Mendelson ages ago and loved it and can't remember what it's called either. Apparently that's a thing with her... The Twitter book sounds great! Glad you had a lovely Christmas full of storm trooper related awesomeness :-)

  3. Oo Ellie, this is a lovely pile of books. I have a feeling I need that Twitterature in my life...


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