Friday, 10 January 2014

Bout of Books: Thursday

Thursday was another fast day for me (gnawed left arm off) and I was so BUSY. I'm one of those slightly odd people that thrives on being busy and pressure so I had a pretty good day (apart from the whole not eating thing). Unfortunately, being busy does not leave a huge amount of time for reading. I missed my usual lunch hour fix and I didn't get to bed until late so I'm thinking I managed just under an hour of reading, if that. Still, some reading is better than no reading, AMIRITE?

I'm really getting into The Assassin's Mark, the action is all hotting up and I can tell it's going to be unputdownable towards the end. I think I'm going to stick with Z for Friday though, a day away from Scott and Zelda is all I can manage! Givemethejazzage!

Number of pages read: 70
Books finished to date: 2
Books read from: The Assassin's Mark by David Ebsworth

Working lunch in Starbucks

How was your Thursday?



  1. You are right any reading is better than no reading at all!

  2. If I remember correctly one of the main goals of the readathon is to make people read more, so you are definitely on the right path. I know if it's busy days it's sometimes really hard to pick up a book, but I think a reading event can motivate at those times.

    I just checked The Assassin's Mark, sounds like right up your alley :) And possibly mine, too. Also you have very interesting handwriting (I have unhealthy curiousity towards other people's handwritings :D)

  3. Working lunch in Starbucks looks pretty. Also, congratulations on not knawing off any limbs! *And the worst comment of the day goes to....* :P


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