Friday, 28 February 2014

February in Books

Considering February is the shortest month of the year, it has sure dragged on. I started the month in a flurry of reading which very quickly waned as the days ticked by. I've still been doing my usual amount of reading but I've been ploughing through the tome that is Wilkie's No Name and, oddly, it's taking some time. Not that I'm not loving it. It's Wilkie, 'nuff said. 

Books Read in February:

9. Books by Charlie Hill
10. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys
11. Magda by Meike Ziervogel
12. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
13. Last Friends by Jane Gardam

At least two of these books were ridiculously emotionally demanding. Magda by Meike Ziervogel was demanding in a right vs wrong (morally speaking) way. I originally thought I would be able to review it with relative ease but on further consideration I can't even get my thoughts straight, let alone put them into words. Then we have The Knife of Never Letting Go which was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish (though not as much as I anticipated). I still can't get over Manshee *bawls*. 

Other books I've been reading from but not yet finished:

1. No Name by Wilkie Collins
2. Careless People by Sarah Churchwell
3. No Man's Land ed. Pete Ayrton

I'm pretty happy with my reading this month. I knocked off a TBR Pile Challenge pick and a Classics Club pick (half way through a second) and read two books I had put down on my Winter Reads list. And, apart from one slightly frivolous read (Books), I have really enjoyed everything I've picked up. 

One thing that seems to have seriously fallen by the wayside this month is blogging and reviewing. Basically, she be slumpin'. I've been struggling with reviewing books (hence the significant lack) and I'm planning on doing a February Mini Reviews post soon instead. Who knows why, but the words just don't want to come. I'm going to blame it on the old winter blues which, with any luck, should be coming to an end. The sun has been showing his face more frequently recently and I'm actually waking up and getting home in the light which does wonders.

Other posts this month included a Classics Spin and an exploration into my unrealistic attitude towards men:

Classics Club Spin

Review: Tender is the Night
WW1 Books That Deserve Some Attention
On Growing Up With Unrealistic Expectations of the Opposite Sex

Something really exciting happened this month actually, to do with my job. I'm getting a new role in my current organisation which will take me away from the phones (woo!) and give me a new challenge. It also comes with a lovely pay rise so I'm all smiles. I haven't changed yet as they're hiring someone new to replace me in my current role and no doubt there will be a transition period but it's given me something to look forward to. So, yay, excitement!

How was February for you? 



  1. I'm glad that it isn't just me that feels as through February has felt looooong! I've switched jobs and finishing my old one was sort of bitter-sweet and starting my new one has been hard work so it's just all amounted to lots of flopping about at home and not a great deal of writing anything constructive for le blog! Hey ho - it's Spring soon and that's always a happy time :)

    How did you find Sargasso Sea? I read it a few years ago and do not remember it fondly. I seem to remember thinking that I would have liked it much more if it hadn't have been billed as related to Jane Eyre. I mean, I know that it *is* but it just wasn't on the same level for me and I was disappointed...

    1. I'm actually, shamefully, quite pleased that so many of my fellow bloggers have been slumpin' a bit of late, because 1) it means I don't stand out as much in the 'where is she?!' stakes, and 2) I don't have to work quiiiiiite so hard to keep up with reading everyone's blog posts. I KNOW I KNOW I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON. Here's hoping we ALL pull out of winter hibernation and get our reading mojo back very soon! In the meantime, television and YouTube are definitely the way to go. WITH CARBOHYDRATES. :)

    2. I'm definitely holding out for spring - at least that makes me flop about at home in a more constructive manner (ish).

      I semi enjoyed Sargasso Sea. It didn't quite have the 'wow' factor I was expecting and I do think the Jane Eyre thing is a bit pointless. I'm not sure why it was necessary really. But then I did enjoy the portrayal of the various mad people and the switches between narrator. I agree with you though that, in general, it was disappointing.

    3. Ellie! I think we should all wallow together in our respective slumps. I sure am taking the carbohydrate advice, perhaps a little too much but it is winter so who cares?! Good to see you back chuck :D

  2. All the best with the work situation, Ellie - sounds like great news! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on The Knife of Never Letting Go and Wide Sargasso Sea. If there's a person that knows about the blogging slump that'd be me - I think I'm in the slump 75% of the time.

    1. Thank you, Riv. Eventually I'll get round to sharing my thoughts...I think it's a case of getting them all clear in my head. Ah, the dreaded slump, hopefully it'll be over soon.

  3. Manshee still makes me sad, and I read that book a year ago.

    1. It's all still too fresh for me, I think I'm traumatised.

  4. Ooh, I really want to read Magda, it sounds so interesting and complex.

    Congrats on the promotion!

    1. Complex certainly describes it well. Thank you, Sam!

  5. I read so slowly in February. I think I only read four books. I had a real slump. March can only be better...surely!?
    Well done on your new role, hope it goes well! Have a great reading month.

  6. Congratulations on the job! I didn't read as much in February either, you're right about it seeming so long. Magda's excellent, isn't it? I reviewed it, but only just - it is difficult to write about!


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