Friday, 4 April 2014

April Reading

Yes, I bought the most Lit Nerd appropriate diary I could find.

Even if I didn't accomplish all the reading goals I set for March, I still really liked having something to work towards. And who doesn't love crossing something off their to do list or a book off their TBR pile? I for one find it intensely satisfying. Intensely. So, in an attempt to achieve that satisfaction on a monthly basis, I'm going to make another set of goals for April.

Bookish goals...
  • Start reading either Lolita or Crime and Punishment. Both are practically waving maniacally at me from my shelf and I think it's time...It is so hard being bookish - I want to read everything but there is just not enough time (I feel like Liam Neeson when I say things like that). The other evening I spent around half an hour trying to decide what to go for next #litnerdproblems
  • Read Books, Bedbugs and Baguettes by Jeremy Mercer. Ellie keeps dangling this right in front of my nose (I think she's trying to say something), so I'm going to take the bait and read it this month.
  • Knock something off the TBR Pile Challenge list - I'm thinking of hitting The Scarlet Letter because it vaguely links to the Classics Club theme this month (Transcendentalist Literature). At least it links in that it doesn't because Hawthorne was not a follower of the ideas. Either that or maybe I'll finally get to The Book Thief. 
Life goals...
  • Get back into daily exercise - I'm almost there already on this one, having bitten the bullet and joined another gym whilst I wait for mine to reopen. It'll be good to get back into this wonderfully stress relieving habit. 
  • Make the most of my evenings and DO things. No more curling up in bed at 8pm - I'm 23 not 93.
  • Make a conscious effort to devote more time to blogging and to Centenary News. I've been slacking big time recently on both fronts and considering how happy it makes me to discuss books, I need to spend more time doing it.
I think these goals are semi-achievable. Check back at the beginning of May to see how I did!

What are your goals for April? Any books you're planning on reading?



  1. I'm at the beginning of reading 10 Alternate History books. It's one of my favourite SF sub-genres. That should take me through April and into May.

    Oh, and thanks for bringing that Taylor Downing book to my attention. I'll have to hunt down a copy!

  2. You must read crime and punishment!

  3. I am a to-do list junkie -- I swear if I don't have a list, nothing gets done! Though bookish lists tend to be a bit of a black hole for me, I start making lists and it spirals out of control as I realize I don't have time for all the bookish projects I'd like to complete...

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Lolita -- I really want to read that one too, but it's one of the only classics I want to read for Classics Club that I don't actually have a copy of :( I also want to read Reading Lolita in Tehran, so they seem like good ones to read close together.

  4. Read Lolita! It's so good and probably a quicker read than Crime and Punishment. I should probably do things with my evenings too. Once I get home from school and work, though, I just want to do nothing for a while. Or forever.

  5. There's a read-a-long over at Love At First Book I'm joining in on if you decide to read Lolita :)

  6. Dude, I curl up in bed early EVERY evening - it's like I hit 8:30pm and my inner 80-year old takes over for the night. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TEA, SLIPPERS AND A DUVET, IS ALL I'M SAYING.

    Read Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs, but DON'T TELL ME if you hate it because I loved it more than ever when I read it this week. You may, however, organise an immediate trip to Paris. I'm down with that. Also, I really want to read Lolita soon too, and NOT JUST because I bought the DVD and Young Jeremy Irons is just calling to me right now. I could listen to that man read the phone book and it'd be wonderful.

    I'm hoping to hit up my TBR challenge list again soon too - maybe one of the classics this time? Possibly The Lord of the Flies? Or Mockingbird? I think it's time to tackle one of the big guns... :)

  7. Nice goals. I'm also trying to get into the daily exercise and I must say I feel a whole lot more energetic thanks to that.

    I love curling up in bed though - maybe not quite 8 pm but otherwise there are not many things better in life than a good session of sleep :)

  8. Go for Lolita, it's a really good book. Plus, I read Crime and Punishment as a teen and didn't love it.
    Good luck with the daily exercise and all of your other goals. For the record though, I think there's nothing wrong with curling up in bed at 8pm!

  9. I'm down with your goals, only DUDE, sometimes you've gots to go to bed early and rest up! But maybe that's the experience of my two extra years on you... Ok, do stuff now, then in two years, you can read in bed every evening.

    Oh oh oh, and I'm reading Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs right now! (Well not right now, right now I'm on the internet. Obvs.) It's pretty good thus far, it has to be said!

    I feel you with the too many books, too little time thing though. I either spend SO long looking at all the books I have to read that I get tired and go and watch TV or something, or I start about 5 books within 5 days and never finish any and EXHAUSTING.

  10. Oh definitely sleep later than 8! all the books you could be reading...

    I spent about the same time trying to choose books last week as you did. It's hard to always remember that you'd be better off just choosing the first book you pick and just getting on with it. Too many books waiting.


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