Tuesday, 15 April 2014

When I'm Not Reading...

I'm pretty chatty on this here blog and I've never held back from sharing my various enthusiasms in life so I thought I'd share with you a few things that I do when I'm not reading (or working).

1. Watching Movies - who doesn't love a good film night? I don't really watch television any more  but I do treat myself to the occasional cinema trip or movie night. This weekend I was desperate to watch a Bond movie after going to the Bond in Motion exhibition at the Film Museum so I spent my Sunday night watching Casino Royal. Ah, Daniel...

2. Running/Walking/The Gym - I usually spend my weekends doing all of these. I love to walk and run around London and I recently rejoined a gym to strengthen my hips (which could easily be mistaken for the hips of a ninety year old). My usual haunt is the length of the South Bank, but that can have dangerous consequences given the book market under Waterloo bridge and the Foyles at the Festival Hall.

3. Visiting Museums and Art Galleries - I'm lucky enough to have a pliable boyfriend who loves cultural exploits as much as I do. We tend to do something most weekends which is good because there is so much London has to offer. The plus side is that most London museums are free. Can I get an 'AWESOME'?! 

4. Mooching - I love a good mooch and a wander, it's something I do frequently. Sometimes just mooching around with no particular purpose can yield the most wonderful finds. I know I've come across a fair few bookshops from exploring in this manner.

5. Going to the Theatre - there are so many reasons why I moved to London, and the number of theatres is up there in the top 5. I've always adored the theatre and I go whenever I can (finances depending!). I see a lot of fringe shows but do occasionally treat myself to other things. A highlight recently was seeing Simon Callow in 'Being Shakespeare'. So many nerdgasms. 

6. Writing/Trying to Forge a Career - pretty boring as things go but I do spent a lot of time writing for various things (Centenary News, for example) and filling out application forms. I've gots to try!

What do you do when you're not reading? Do you like to make the most of the place where you live? 



  1. Well, I learned one thing from this post -- the term "mooching" has two different meanings. The one I'm used to (asking or getting something from someone without paying for it), I was certain is not what you meant! Didn't know it could also mean "to wander about" until I looked it up -- you learn something new every day :) I wonder if it's a US/UK difference or just something I was unaware of, hmmm...

  2. I definitely don't make the most out of living so close to London, I used to when I was studying there but now it's rare for us to go in and see a show/visit a museum. I'm glad you're enjoying it though :)

  3. Lovely post! It was nice getting to know you a little better. I love most of the things you mentioned (if not all) :-D.

  4. In between reading, working and sleeping I game..... a lot.

  5. I want to start running this spring.

    Going to the theatre - I also used to go quite regularly, but I haven't in the past three years because in here the plays are mostly held in Finnish and I am not sure if I'd understand quite everything. It would be interesting to go to a Finnish theatre, though - something to add to the list :)

  6. The Foyles at Festival Hall is difficult to resist! At the moment I'm mostly pondering about home comforts, getting used to being somewhere new.

  7. When I lived in London I spent so much time in museums and going to the theatre. I'm jealous just remembering that!

  8. I loooove going to London museums. I definitely don't do it as much as I should, but I love it. (Did you go to the National Gallery to see The Sunflowers, didja, didja? Cause I DID go there, and it was awesome!)

    Ah, basically this post has made me want to hang out in London more. And perhaps I shall!


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