Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lit Nerd Abroad: Amsterdam

There were beautiful canals and bridges

Picturesque views
Stunning architecture
Lots of bikes (and bike related near death experiences)

Morning runs through Vondelpark
Art and Alain de Botton
Quirky buildings
Things that look like baby triffids
Bookish things
WW1 poetry on windows
Non-human dating
Book markets perfect for chefs
Quotes on buildings
And lighthouses.
Amsterdam is a beautiful place. We walked and walked and walked. Exploring the cobbled streets and canals, enjoying food and book markets (I can find English books anywhere), sitting back and taking in the views. I would definitely go back. 

I'm no photographer and these are just from my iphone but I thought I'd share anyway.



  1. It looks like a beautiful city. I've never been. It's nice that you were able to find so many books while there. I travel with a fully stocked e-reader (it's great to be able to take my library with me!), but I love being able to find quaint bookstores that allow me to experience the bookish culture of a place.

  2. Looks like a fabulous trip! And that cookbook store is awesome :)

  3. Very nice! I love Amsterdam and cannot visit too often - if only I didn't live so very far away!

  4. If we would have gone to holiday this year it would have probably been to Amsterdam. Very good catches :)

  5. Woooooow, so many lovely things to see! I love all the quirky window art and interesting buildings. I've never been to Amsterdam, but it's definitely on my mental list of places I'd like to go. :)

  6. This is SOOO COOOL! Thank you for sharing. I wanna go. hehe

  7. I love your photos.
    I was there way back when in 1991, so it's all pretty hazy. But I love your book focus and the canals are always lovely.
    Thanks for the memories :-)


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