Saturday, 10 May 2014

This Week in Books: The Blind Date Edition

As you know, I finally cashed in on my Christmas present from the sis and went to Amsterdam this last week. It was amazing - very bookish and cheese-ish. We spent hours walking around exploring all the little streets and coming across cute little markets full of second hand books (win). When we weren't looking for book markets we could usually be found in the many cheese shops making our way through the plates of tasters. Either there, or in the pub. 

I think it is necessary to say that I didn't go there to buy books but once we'd come across the American Book Centre, it was just all down hill from there. Then again, my sister did give me permission when she said 'you buy books and I'll buy cheese'. We did both in excess and added an extra 7kg to our suitcase on the way home...So, without further ado, here is what I purchased.

Second hand books
These two were amazing finds from a second hand market. I love Olive Schreiner and this book is just absolutely beautiful. For €5 I couldn't say no. Night Flight and Antoine De St-Exupery have been popping up frequently in my life recently so finding this felt a bit serendipitous. I'm really looking forward to diving into his world.

Now, to the best bit - my blind date. I have seen this idea around twitter before but never come across it in a bookshop. The minute I did, I was all over it like a rash. Seriously. The idea is to stop you from judging books by their cover. As someone who does that constantly, I was pretty excited (and slightly nervous) to do some blind book buying. I wasn't disappointed. I love a bit of death, mourning and dysfunction in my novels so it wasn't a hard decision choosing this one. 

And this is my blind date book. It's a book I hadn't heard of though I do think I've heard of one of Tropper's other novels. If you've read it, let me know!

Would you go on a blind date with a book? Surely it's better than a real blind date...



  1. Blind Date? Risky!!!! With so many books in my TBR pile it'll either be something I've already bought, something I've already read or something I'm unlikely to want to read. To be something out of the blue that I'd like (never mind love)..... I think the odds are pretty stacked against it! [grin]

  2. Amsterdam? Awesome! I'd love to see photos......
    And my library used to do wrapped books by the desks, I took some home a few times as it's no risk with a free library book , got some good ones and some duff ones.

  3. At least on a blind date with a book you can MAKE the 'oh heeeeeeell no!' face if you get a duff one. I think it's generally considered bad to do that on an ACTUAL blind date. :P

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I am always on the lookout for bookshops when travelling, but fitting purchases in the suitcase is sometimes a problem :)

  5. Mmm books and cheese, both delicious! :) Glad you had a lovely trip. I love the blind date with books, very exciting to see what you get. I've read a Tropper, not this one, but enjoyed it a fair amount.

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