Monday, 26 May 2014

This Week in Books: Payday Treats

I'm not usually one to go wild when payday comes, but it is my sister's and my bestie's birthday in June so I had to go shopping this weekend. I went into foyles with the intention of buying my sister a book. Unfortunately (for my sister) they didn't have it so I came out with two books for myself instead. Not even guilty. 

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette by Bryan and Mary Talbot and Kate Charlesworth
This is a graphic novel about (yep, you guessed it) a suffragette. I've already read about half of it and am impressed by it's accuracy. It touches on some of the topics of my dissertation so I'm very much looking forward to sitting down and devouring the rest of it later. 

Some Corner of a Foreign Field: Poetry and Art of the First World War ed. James Bentley
This is such a coffee table book and I almost left it there because I do have several anthologies of WW1 poetry. This one is something special as it does something I've not seen in an anthology of this kind before so I went back and picked it up. Aside from it being an entirely beautiful object, this book pairs poems with a piece of WW1 art making it a very well-rounded anthology. Come on, this book has it all: art, poems and WW1. This was an extravagant purchase, but it ticks all the boxes for things I love so I think I'll be spending many an hour delving into its pages. 

Are you having a bookish bank holiday weekend? 



  1. I read a ton of Lady Audley's Secret yesterday, does that count? But then, thanks to some very rowdy locals and, later, a very rowdy OWL, I got kept awake a fair bit of the night and spent today nursing a splitting headache. FUN. So... mostly playing on Buzzfeed and watching Elementary. That's kind of bookish, right? I mean, one of the articles was about Stephen King novels, and Elementary is based on Conan Doyle! Yes, I'm clutching at straws. Happy Bank Holiday! :)

    1. That counts! Buzzfeed and Elementary totally also count - they are both 100% bookish. Happy Bank Holiday to you, too :D


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