Thursday, 3 July 2014

Her Privates We by Frederic Manning

Her Privates We by Frederic Manning 

'He closed his eyes and had a vision of men advancing under a rain of shells. They had seemed so toy-like, so trivial and ineffective when opposed to that overwhelming wrath, and yet that had moved forward mechanically as though they were hypnotised or fascinated by some superior will.'

'After all, the dead are quiet.'

''I suppose it's war,' answered Reynolds with a touch of fatalism'

In Three Words: dark, anti-war, honest

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This has recently been brought back into print by Serpent's Tail and is, I think, a difficult but necessary read to further understand the horrors and the stagnant feeling of WW1.



  1. That blurb from Hemingway on the front cover is fairly impressive given his own experience..

    1. That's what I thought. He is right, though.


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