Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Happiness Project

I think for a lot of people happiness is not just there within grasp. It can be hard to come by at times with all the pressures that life brings bearing down on us from all directions. For me those fleeting moments of pure unadulterated joy come from the smallest and most mundane of sources. I can be curled up with a good book, having a coffee with my sister or walking through my favourite parts of London when I slowly become aware of the warm tendrils of happiness weaving their way through me, lifting me up and reminding me that everything is ok. It is those moments, those tiny uplifting moments, that set the tone of my entire day and remind me that happiness is there, and I can grasp it.

As someone who loves projects, goals and, above all, lists, I'm creating The Happiness Project. It may sound obvious, cheesy or even cliché, but sometimes a girl just needs a cheesy cliché to get her through the day (also a bit of a rhyme). This is my Happiness Project and these are the ten things I need to do to get me started:

1// Write daily
2// Smile always
3// Read
4// Breathe fresh air
5// Run
6// Focus
7// Listen to my body
8// Learn
9// Experience
10// Take a minute to take it all in

Where do you find happiness?



  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful post Ellie. I wish you lots of success in exploring the approaches on your list. I find happiness walking my dog and spending time with her, and with my husband. Sometimes I find it in reading, and in travelling. Often I am looking for it too. x

  2. You're right about the little things Ellie, they make me happy too. I try to aim for being content, as it feels like a longer lasting feeling than happiness, if that makes sense?
    Good luck with all of your goals :)

  3. You're so completely right - the best moments are the teeny tiny ones that are so easy not to notice! Running in the morning is one of my favourite things recently, especially now it's crisp in the mornings and a little bit chilly - so nice. And the other weekend, I was curled up under a throw with a book in a spot of sun and I realised that I need to make more of times like that. Also, food of most kinds and also wine make me happy, ergo the running!

  4. Thank you, Lindsay. You and I find it in very similar things (although I don't have a husband). I hope you manage to find it again when you look x

  5. That really does make sense. I do think I am content a lot more than I am truly happy - maybe happiness is too fleeting and we should all make the most of being content more often.

  6. I think we run for the same reasons! I love those teeny tiny moments, and I do think I need to cherish them a lot more.


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