Sunday, 23 November 2014

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #3

1// Electra On Thursday Liv and I went to see Electra at the Old Vic. I've been obsessed with Greek Tragedy since secondary school and even did a speech from Electra to audition for A Level drama (nailed it). I love a bit of revenge drama and dodgy familial relationships. Kristin Scott Thomas was absolutely incredible and managed to bring such a good mix of sarcasm, insanity, grief and anger to the role.

2// Home Cooked Dinner Liv treated us both to a slap up meal on Tuesday night complete with restaurant style presentation. It was so tasty.

3// Making Soup I'm a little obsessed with making soup at the moment for my lunch at work. This week it was lentil, tomato and sweet potato. It was so scrumptious I managed to burn my tongue every day in my haste to eat it all.

4// Talking to New People On Wednesday I went to the Centenary News offices and met a lovely person interning there. We had a chat about WW1 and books - the best kind of chat.

5// Somerset I'm currently at home in Somerset spending some quality time with my parents and the bestie. There has been a chilli con carne, an evening sat in front of the fire and two very satisfying runs. Also, my bestie has a new puppy so you can only imagine the snuggles.

6// Patrick Ness I've been in a significant reading slump recently (I've not finished a book in around six weeks), so my sister suggested reading the second part of the Chaos Walking Trilogy. Wow, she was not wrong. I devoured that beast and I'd be lying if said there weren't a few tears shed. Time to buy the third part, though I'm sure we'll fight over who gets to read it first!

What made you happy this week?



  1. This POST makes me happy. Ripples in water, my dear, ripples in water... :)

  2. Hooray to soups and home cooked dinner. I've been very happy lately because I've been eating really good for the past month (except a few occasions like when mum came visiting with goodies from my home country...). Soups are the thing in colder months.

    I was also very happy when I finished one of my favourite books this year, We Are Completely Beside Ourselves. Been thinking about it for days now.

  3. Aw that puppy is gorgeous! What made me happy this week is that I am finally getting over a horrible cold and I am snuggling up inside at home just now with a roaring fire and my dog and OH. Lovely to read of your happy times this week, a fab post.

  4. Puppy! I'm actually really scared of dogs when they grow but the puppy is super cute :D

    Also, hurrah for satisfying runs :) I swear that some weeks, satisfying runs are what get me through! Because no matter what else goes on, running is constant and it's the best! And I've bought some new winter stuff that I love so that's fun!

    ALSO, The Ask and the Answer broke me and yet for some reason I've never read the last one in the trilogy. Must fix that! Good reminding! :)

  5. Patrick Ness is a fabulous storyteller! xx

  6. And your comment makes me happiest of all :D

  7. He really is so very talented! xx

  8. She was super cute and funny so it's hard to not like her immediately.

    My thoughts exactly! I think that's why I get so upset when I have a rubbish run, because running is not supposed to be rubbish. I love buying winter stuff! I'll be breaking out my very attractive headband/ear warmer soon :)

    It broke me too, but so much so that I need to know what happens to everyone. Good luck with the third one when you get round to it!

  9. She really is! Sounds like just the thing to make you happy :) Good to hear you're getting over a cold and not still stuck with it too. Thank you, Lindsay.

  10. Soups really are the thing, and there is something so satisfying about making them.

    Wow, if that is one of your favourite books of the year I'll have to check it out. I'd actually dismissed it a bit, although my sister did buy it so I'd best borrow it!

  11. Sweet potato and butternut squash soup with roasted chickpeas has made me happy this weekend (and is likely to burn my mouth when it's time for lunch today...).


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