Sunday, 30 November 2014

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #4

Waiting for NFG
1// Watching this documentary about happiness This documentary was some serious food for thought and put a lot of things in perspective for me. I'd really recommend a watch.

2// Bookish discussions in the staff room I had a lovely chat with one of the clinical team this week about books and the pleasures of reading. She was telling me that her mother still sees reading as the sort of activity you indulge in after 6pm and not before. As someone who indulges in reading at any time of the day or night I found this discussion really enlightening.

3// Cocktails with my parents My parents were in London again this week for a concert so my sister and I met them for a cheeky pre-show cocktail and dinner. There's nothing like a cocktail to perk the week up.

4// New Found Glory On Friday I went to The Forum in Kentish Town to see one of my all time favourite bands. I've been seeing NFG live for something like 10 years (I think I first saw them when I was 14) and I've actually lost count of how many times I've seen them. It was such a good show and the perfect way to re-live my teens.

5// Body confidence I'd be the first person to say that I really dislike the way I look. I could write a list as long as my arm of the things I don't like, but it occurred to me in the gym yesterday that I actually love my body because of how strong it is. I may not have the best figure or be the smallest in the room, but my body is undeniably powerful. I'm so quick to disregard the small things when I should really celebrate them. Last weekend, for example, I woke up and ran 9 miles. Given that I'm in physio for a dodgy hip and that I've not run more than 4 miles since September, I think thats quite a big deal. So from now on I'm going to forget about the outside and celebrate what's inside: strength.

What made you happy this week?



  1. That comment about not reading before 6pm reminds me of my Nan. She lives on her own & is practically housebound because of her disabilities. She enjoys reading and watching the TV, but will do neither until the evening and can be very stubborn about it!

  2. 9 miles?? You are CRAZY strong, girl! I'm still super proud of myself if I manage 2 miles, lol. Or if I even make it to the gym. Definitely be proud and appreciative of yourself!

  3. Thanks! I'm trying to be more appreciative now :) Even just going out is something anyone should be proud of!

  4. I find it fascinating in general, and also amazing that I've not really heard it before. It makes so much sense and I think it makes me appreciate reading as a pleasure even more.


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