Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in Review: Moments

2014 has been a tricky year to say the least. I have been struggling with my mood which overshadowed everything and led to some pretty dark patches from around July onwards. I feel like I'm slowly digging my way back to the surface now and I can put a lot of it down to working hard to change the way I think. For the last two months I have been writing my 'What Made Me Happy This Week' posts and that has been the perfect way to hone in on the good and remind myself that there are still things that are making me smile.

I've decided to do the same for the year and list the moments that really stood out and gave me that warm fuzzy glow of contentment.

1// Trips This year I've been to Amsterdam and Italy, camped for the first time ever somewhere near Lowestoft and had a wonderful day trip to Hastings with some work friends.

2// Gigs My sister and I are huge music lovers and we made it our mission to see some of our favourite bands live this year (some for the second/third/fourth time). My favourites were You Me At Six, Bastille, and New Found Glory.

3// Discovering Yoga I have a running injury that I have never quite let heal properly and I thought yoga would be the perfect way to stretch out and gain some more flexibility to help ease the pain. I was right, but it has also given me so much more than that. It is an amazing way to relax and has given me goals to reach for.

4// Literary Pub Crawl Pub crawl? Books? What could be better?! My sister got us tickets for this organised tour which started in Fitzrovia and ended in Soho. It was so exciting (for me) to walk in the footsteps and drink in the locals of London's literary greats and the tour guide was wonderfully enthusiastic.

5// 10k Finsbury Park After having a disappointing year of running due to said injury, I decided to sign up for a10k in September. It hurt like hell, but I smashed it in just under 56 minutes and it gave me my running confidence back.

6// Family time My family come up in my weekly posts regularly because time with them never fails to make me happy. There have been some amazing moments spent with them this year, whether for big celebrations or quiet evenings in.

7// Interviewing people for CN In December last year I started volunteering for the website Centenary News to help them create a books page. It launched early this year and has been going from strength to strength. The highlight for me has been interviewing Taylor Downing and Paul O'Prey about their new releases. Not only was it ridiculously fascinating discussing science with Downing and poetry with O'Prey, but it also was quite the personal achievement to get past my fear and worry to actually have a conversation with someone.

Next year I'm going to take a better note of everything I do because my memory is the worst. I'm certain there have been so many other moments this year that I just can't remember. But I am also aware that I have done a lot less this year than I usually would so that again is something I will be working on in 2015. Yay for new goals!

How about you, what were the best moments of your 2014?

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  1. I love the sound of a litereary pubg crawl! Happy new year!

    My year in review

  2. It was so much fun! Thank you, Happy New Year to you too :)

  3. Happy new year again dear Ellie. Looks like you had a nice year, regardless of some dark patches (I suppose they happen every year...). I love going to gigs, I think I go to at least one in a quarter or so (more in autumn since bands seem to be touring most then). Such energy charge. I have a few upcoming in March-April 2015 as well.

    Let's hope I seriously pick up running too in 2015 :)


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