Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Spring Clean in Winter

This time of year doesn't only have me reaching for notebooks and calendars to plan excessively, it also makes me feel the need for a good clean. There are so many cliches surrounding the end of one year and the start of another and, unfortunately for those who dislike cliches, I buy into many of them. I'm a big believer in fresh starts, putting one year behind you and moving onto the next with minimal baggage and a more positive outlook on life. Sometimes that is hard to do and I know I will struggle to leave some things behind from this year, but I'm not one to not at least try.

One way I have always found it helpful to get me into the mood for a fresh start is by physically making my spaces fresh. I will clean, reorganise, and move things around so that my space, as well as the year, is new. It's seems too simple to think that scrubbing the skirting boards or rearranging your knick-knacks could make a difference to your outlook, but I truly believe that it does. Clean slate, and all that.

This last Saturday, after my usual morning routine of coffee in bed followed by the gym, I donned the marigolds and set to it. I had a list, a bucket full of cleaning products and just enough motivation to get me through the day.

I started with the floors, moved onto the skirting and door frames, surfaces, cupboards, windows, and finally ended with the bathroom. I ended the day with that buzzing exhaustion that comes from worthwhile productivity. I also ended the day feeling that little bit more prepared to tackle what 2015 throws at me. A new housemate is my first challenge and I'm hoping that having a clean and cosy flat will make it the little easier for me to cope with having a stranger in the house.

I don't think a fresh space can only be achieved by wearing marigolds or waltzing round the kitchen with a mop (which may or may not have happened). Other small changes can make a huge difference and I know I have a few things planned for early in January, including printing and framing some of my favourite pictures.

Some of my favourite ways to freshen up my space include:
- reorganise a bookshelf (alphabetical? colour coded? by genre? The possibilities are endless!)
- display memories
- change something small
- de-clutter
- make displays (with books, photos, keep-sakes, collections)

Does this time of year ever make you crave a clean slate?

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  1. I love a clean slate at this time of year - and at other big personal milestones too. I don't enjoy cleaning, exactly, but I get satisfaction from it, not least because I know it won't have to be done again to that kind of standard for a while, haha. Clearing out stuff, on the other hand, I try to keep on top of, because I start getting antsy if everything's a mess. I have a lot of stuff lying around at the moment where I've been too busy to deal with it, and I just know I'm going to have to stick a couple of movies or some music on one day and comb through everything properly, throw stuff out, organise what's left and generally make everything nice again. :D

  2. This works for me too. For example, at least twice a year I declutter all my possessions, I don't think I'd be able to function normally without it. I like getting rid of STUFF (controversially, I also quite like acquiring new stuff, but this is not the topic here :p). Sounds like you had a great day and I totally get the effect of cleaning your space helping make you more productive. :)

  3. I get huge amounts of satisfaction from it too, which is probably why I like it. Sometimes days like that with movies and music can be the best days :)

  4. Haha I'm the same - I love getting rid of stuff and I love getting stuff. We're never happy ;)


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