Friday, 12 December 2014


I was browsing the Foyles website yesterday (I'm planning a special treat for you guys) and I came across several hundred pounds worth of books I don't just want, I NEED. So I thought to myself, which books would I buy if I had a £50 gift card to spend in Foyles? Well, there's a question.

It was surprisingly hard deciding what I'd spent the money on - do I go pretty? Do I go deep? Do I go informative? Do I try something new? Or stick with what I'm used to? Here's the result of my fantasy shopping trip:

Lists of Note by Shaun Usher (£19.99) Who doesn't love a good list? I can see this being the perfect coffee-table book.

Wilkie Collins: A Life of Sensation by Andrew Lycett (£9.99) Wilkie...need I say more? I feel that this would be an excellent companion to Ackroyd's mini biography.

Siegfried Sassoon: The War Poems (£10) I do have a collection of Sassoon's poems somewhere, but I love the cover for this Faber and Faber edition.

The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman (£10.99) The classic text on the first months of World War One - it's about time I read it.

So there we have it - a mixed bag I think. I'd have to put in an extra pound, but I'd be very happy to treat myself to these this Christmas. If only dreams could be reality...

How about you, if you had a gift card what would you buy?


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