Sunday, 21 December 2014

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #7

1// Homemade chunky chili Liv made us the nicest (and spiciest!) chili on Wednesday evening which we ate in front of Star Trek with an accompanying glass of red. It made for the perfect mid-week evening.

2// Unexpected gifts all week the clinical admin team which I am part of has been bombarded with edible gifts from therapists and on Friday we were each handed a beautiful bunch of flowers and a gift card from our boss. It was so unexpected, but so cheering to know that our work is appreciated.

3// Herbal tea I've been a big fan of herbal teas for a while now (peppermint is my favourite) and this week I've been enjoying a chamomile and vanilla mix just before bed. Yum.

4// Exercise My 25 days of fitness is going really well. There have been a couple of slips, but in general I have been moving more and doing something every day. In fact, I'm still suffering from a particularly vigorous workout I did on Thursday evening.

5// Cleaning Yesterday was the day for my bi-annual deep clean. I popped out in the morning to buy a mop then I spent hours scrubbing, washing and rinsing the floors, skirting, kitchen and bathroom. It felt glorious.

What has made you happy this week?

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  1. I still have my deep clean to do. My Mum always used to say Santa wouldn't come unless my room was clean & tidy, and now I have to clean wherever I am before Christmas.

  2. Wow, that's some motivation!

  3. Herbal tea is the bestest - and chamomille-vanilla mix sounds wonderful. I usually have chamomille or peppermint. I'd drink more tea if the black and the green one didn't contain caffeine - with my usual high coffe intake that would be way too much.


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