Saturday, 10 January 2015

Challenge Completed: 25 Days of Fitness

Way back in December (it feels like so long ago) I challenged myself to do some form of exercise every day up until and including Christmas Day. Aside from a couple of small blips - well, it was the end of the year and I was tired - I did surprisingly well. Given that tomorrow I will be running my first race of the year (a 10k in Battersea Park), I thought today was as good a day as any to take a look back at the challenge and see whether I achieved what I hoped I could.

I feel like the challenge achieved it's goal of helping me remember that I love exercise. Now I'm in a place where I can continue to exercise for the joy of it, rather than as a chore. Now we're well and truly into 2015 I've decided that my approach to exercise is going to be much more chilled, and I have this challenge to thank for that. No more beating myself up and feeling guilty if I don't make it to the gym after work and no more running through the pain. It's time to look after myself a bit better and do less frequent, but more effective, exercise. I want to run more for the fresh air, gym slightly less and spend more time practicing yoga.

I'm going for healthy, not obsessed.

I'm sure 25 Days of Fitness is something I will do again even though my thighs felt like lead by the end of my run on Christmas Day. I am a serial goal-setter because I love the satisfaction it brings when you succeed and the satisfaction I got from this, paired with some serious exercise related endorphins and a delightful thigh-burn, certainly made the challenge worthwhile. Time to think of the next one - perhaps training for my next half-marathon or getting that little closer to touching my toes (the latter is a life goal)!

I shared most of my progress on Twitter and Instagram and here is a roundup of my favourite photos. I did warn you at the beginning that it would mostly be my feet!

Running through Battersea Park | Running home from physio (not my best idea) | Yoga | Abs at the gym | A day walking around London | More yoga | A killer plank workout | I'm definitely a walking advert for Nike Dri-Fit | The tastiest post-gym salad | The tastiest post-run smoothie | Onto my emergency lycra | I love the stepper | Tired legs | Getting by with a little help from Rudolf | A walk in the country complete with rainbows | A Christmas morning run

Do you have any fitness goals for the new year?



  1. Heyyyyy, I recognise that yoga app! (I totally use it alllll the time. Like, I should probably do other yoga things, but it challenges me juuuust enough without killing me!) I love your new chilled out approach to exercise and totally support it- I don't go to the gym or anything because I am opposed to paying to exercise, so it's kind of how I do exercise- what I can, when I can, trying to vaguely enjoy it. BOOM done :)

  2. It's a really good app! I love the short running segments for after a run, but I tried one of the full hour sessions once and nearly died (in a good way!). It's a bit of a revelation to me, but I think it's going to make everything better in the long run. We can be chilled together :D


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