Sunday, 15 February 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #14

1// Spotify A couple of weeks ago I signed up to a free trial of Spotify. I'd heard good things from a number of people and, given that you can subscribe for the same price (almost) of downloading one album from iTunes and have the world of music at your finger tips, I couldn't resist. On Monday night  in a browsing session I came across all my favourite tracks from when I was 13/14. It was the perfect Monday pick me up.

2// Sick days on the sofa with War and Peace I keep getting ill at the moment and on Wednesday I decided that powering through wasn't an option so I called in to work and spent the day snoozing and reading War and Peace. Aside from the feeling crappy part, it was a lovely and relaxing day.

3// A day with my bestie On Friday my best friend came to London for a day of shopping, gossip and giggling. It was such a lovely day, although it's always hard to say goodbye.

4// Spending Valentine's Day with the one I love (yes, my sister) Yesterday we took a trip to Oxford to visit the Blake exhibition at the Ashmolean. The exhibition wasn't great - well, the exhibition was interesting, but the experience was ruined by the rudeness of our fellow museum-goers. Other than that, we spent the day walking around and visiting bookshops so it was pretty blissful. I'll be sharing my purchases shortly!

5// Furniture changes I moved my room around a couple of weeks ago and I've been really loving it the last few days. I can lie in bed and watch the plane lights go past just as I'm falling asleep and I find that really, oddly relaxing.

What has made you happy this week?



  1. Spending the day inside the pages of War and Peace is a perfectly delightful way to recover from an illness. Furniture change, too, is a great antidote for the winter blahs. For me, this week, it's been all about finishing Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann. I love this book about as much as I love War and Peace. I didn't want it to end... Have you read it? I find Mann's writing to be similar to Tolstoy.

  2. It is so good! I used to want to own my music, but downloading is just too expensive. You can experiment with new bands/genres much more with spotify, which I love :D

  3. I've not read it, although it certainly sounds like I should! I've got another book by Mann on my shelf which I really need to get around to. It's very cheering to hear how much you love War and Peace - I'm really enjoying it, but still quite daunted by the size of it.


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