Friday, 27 February 2015

This Week in Books and Browsing

I've been having one of those weeks where reading just is not happening. In actual fact, I'm having one of those months. February has so far been a bust in terms of reading. I've finished the grand total of one book and that was only a hundred or so pages long. But, as ever when I've been struggling to read, the internet has come to my rescue.

Matt Haig, who is swiftly becoming one of my favourite authors from his twitter presence alone, was interviewed on the Guardian this week about his struggles with depression. It's a wonderful interview and is really putting me in the mood for his upcoming release, Reasons to Stay Alive.

I've been considering audiobooks recently as a possible solution to my current reading woes and this list from Bustle of audiobooks to listen to whilst exercising has some great options.

On The Millions they talked about the Art of the Final Sentence and made me reconsider the importance of those last few words in a novel.

And finally, in another effort to counter my lack of reading, I've been turning a lot to TED. I've shared two lists of my favourite TED Talks before (here and here), and I've already got enough new favourites for a third. This talk by Guy Winch arguing the case for emotional hygiene was fascinating and quite topical for me at this point.

When I have been managing to read I've been delving into The Girl in the Photograph by Kate Riordan. Her writing is compared to Kate Mosse and Kate Morton who's novels I have read and enjoyed in the past. I am enjoying it, though it isn't quite grasping me as I hoped it would. It has all my favourite elements - dual narrative, female narrator, set in late Victorian and inter-war periods - so I am hoping it'll all come together in the end. It does have hints of Rebecca which is either a good or a bad thing depending which way you look at it. Perhaps I should just re-read Rebecca.

What are you currently reading?



  1. Sometimes a reread can get you back into the swing of things! (not that there's anything wrong with not reading for a while). These are all great links! I'd also suggest listening to book podcasts. Sometimes that inspires me to get excited about books again, and gives me some great suggestions on where to restart.

  2. I'm so happy I've re-set up my Disqus account because now I can start commenting on your blog again :-)

    I had an off few months of reading towards the end of last year, even though I still continued to read my heart really wasn't in it. It was a bit disconcerting, since I love to read, but it eventually worked itself out. I'm sure you'll be out of your reading funk soon.

    I hope The Girl in the Photograph starts to work better for you. I'm looking forward to reading it, although it is titled Fiercombe Manor on this side of the Atlantic. I'll try anything that is supposed to be reminiscent of Kate Morton's novels.

  3. I've had a terrible reading month too. I feel like I'm in a rut and need a really good book to get me out of it.

  4. I think trying audio books is a great idea Ellie, I have done the same when I am having a 'reading struggle' and it has helped and been enjoyable.
    I've just read the Matt Haig book and put some thoughts on my blog, I would say it is a really helpful, compassionate read and would recommend it. I still need to read Rebecca for the first time...! Something I am going to rectify this year.
    Hope you get into a another story soon whether paper or audio book.


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