Monday, 18 May 2015

Happiness: An A-Z

Happiness AZ Lit Nerd

Art whether in galleries, books or on the street, art always draws me in

Books need I say more?

Cooking my ultimate Sunday is spent experimenting with new recipes

Dancing like no-one is watching

Eating although my relationship with food is a rocky one, eating does still bring me joy

Family I can always get a hug when I need one

Greek Tragedy there's nothing like greek tragedy for making you thankful for what you have

Home is where the heart is. Right now my heart is in London and Somerset, simultaneously

Italy where some of my most treasured memories were made

Journeys the destination doesn't always matter

Kindness the best trait a person can have

Laughing a giggle, a chuckle or a deep belly laugh that shakes my whole body

Moleskine Notebooks those little black notebooks will always be my writing partners

Night Sky I can stare at the night sky for hours in awe at its beauty

Olivia my sister, my hero, and the other half of my heart

Photos I'm the one who stops on the side of the road to take a photo of the view

Questioning I'll never stop asking questions and searching out the answers

Running very few things make me feel as good as running does

Silence I never underestimate the power of silence

Theatre immersing myself in a play is just as satisfying as immersing myself in a book

Understanding learning and gaining understanding gives me purpose

Views I can lose myself completely just admiring a stunning view

Wilkie my main man and favourite author. His novels and stories always lift me up

eXploring I adore wandering around new places and finding surprising things

Yoga those quiet moments spent stretching and breathing has become an important part of my day

Zoey we've been best friends since we were about 13. She still never fails to brighten my day

Your turn!


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