Sunday, 10 May 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #18

1// Coming across a Peirene book stall unexpectedly We came across a market on Monday whilst exploring Highgate area and, among the soaps, biscuits and fabrics, hid a Peirene book stall. It's difficult to express how excited I was. After a lovely chat with the woman running the stall I came away with The Blue Room which sounds fantastically chilling.

2// Dinner and a catch up with my bestie On Tuesday my bestie made a flying trip to London to visit the new Oxford St Lush and go for dinner. We had Mexican food with lashings of wine and giggles.

3// Finding the perfect pre-gym breakfast I don't often eat before going to the gym, but recently I've been having serious early morning munchies. I decided to have my favourite combination - banana and peanut butter - on a rice cake. You've not tasted heaven until you've tried this. Plus, it gives oodles of energy!

4// Walks in sun After working the weekend, M and I had our usual weekend explorations on Bank Holiday Monday. We were very lucky with the weather and spent a lovely day wandering, chatting and taking photos.

5// A weekend out of London As much as I adore London, a weekend away can be just the thing to help me feel refreshed even if it's only as far away as Essex. London is so busy and fast-paced, but outside of the city I find myself slowing down and taking deeper - cleaner - breaths.

What has made you happy this week?


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