Sunday, 31 May 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #21

1// Quiet moments with coffee I'm at work this weekend so Wednesday was my day off and I made the most of a quiet, sunny day to myself by heading into London. I intended to go the Inventing Impressionism exhibition the National Gallery which I've been trying to get to for weeks (other things always seemed to take priority), but unfortunately I'd forgotten it was half-term and I do not have the patience to queue for ages just to go in an exhibition and not be able to look at anything. Instead I grabbed myself a cappuccino and sat outside reading the Persephone Books Biannually magazine. Lovely.

2// Flower deliveries This week has been pretty trying for a number of reasons, but an unexpected flower delivery at work on Thursday really made me smile. I guess he's a keeper.

3// Baking I bought myself the Deliciously Ella recipe book a few months ago now and have slowly been working my way through. This week I made blueberry muffins which are tasty, but I'm not sure I got it quite right. I also only had a cupcake tray so they're more like blueberry cupcakes!

4// Burrito bowls Mexican food is my absolute favourite type of cuisine and it's no secret that I would give up my shoes for a burrito sometimes. Much to my distress my tum has a problem with bread, so as an alternative I've been making burrito bowls with tons of fresh ingredients (tomatoes, avocado, black beans, peppers, roasted sweet potatoes). I can honestly say it's better than the real thing.

5// Friday night gym sessions I'm still struggling to get used to working shifts and exercise seems to be the first thing to be left behind. On Friday I left my gym kit ready on my bed for when I got home and made sure to go straight away. It felt so good to sweat the day off in preparation for the next two days.

Thank you to the lovely people who joined in last week - it was wonderful to hear what's been making you happy!

What has made you happy this week? Share your link below and use #sharethehappy on twitter and instagram!


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  1. I shall be posting about this later! Flowers can be such a cliche but so unbelievably happiness inducing when they're unexpected :-) and I love Persephone Biannually!


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