Monday, 1 June 2015

June Goals

Before we get cracking with my goals for this month, let's have a look and see how I did with my goals for May:

1// Write a 'Things That Made Me Happy This Week' every Sunday 
2// Work on not feeling guilty if I take a rest day Still not happening, unfortunately. 
3// Read what I want, when I want I only read one book, but it still fits.
4// Reach out to a friend I've not seen a while 
5// Try something new I tried a few new recipes this month which I pretty pleased with.
6// Document more 
7// Be more mindful The most mindful I've been this month is probably thinking about how I should be more mindful. I'll work on it.
8// Cook more I even branched out into a bit of baking this month which is most unusual and super tasty.

I'm feeling pretty good about May, even though I didn't quite achieve my two main goals (mindfulness and not feeling guilty). It felt good having a mixture of big aims with smaller, more achievable goals as I've still been able to cross things off (such a satisfying feeling). I'm trying not to feel disheartened about the others as I know that it will take more than a month to reconfigure my thinking. I think at the moment I'm just missing that initial kick-start. I'll find it somewhere - perhaps in Europe this month!

Anyway, it's onwards and upwards so let's look at my goals for June:

1// Don't hold back I leave for Europe on 12th June and I want to make sure that I experience everything possible. That means not letting myself get in my own way. 

2// Finish War and Peace So close, yet so far. 83% and counting...

3// Get back into a yoga routine Even though yoga makes me feel happy and healthy, inside and out, I seem to have stopped doing it in the last month or so. I think perhaps I need to change it up and try a different app or YouTube videos - let me know if you have any recommendations.

4// Journal more I mentioned the other day how writing something down had helped me to sleep so I will be making a conscious effort to write things down and shake the day off. I'm also planning a travel journal to document every moment of my trip.

5// Be more mindful Perhaps I will start small and just focus on eating mindfully this month. Baby steps, you know.

6// Create a routine that allows for rest days Again, I think a different approach may help with this one. I need to have a good think about how I can make my shifts work for me and create a new routine rather than trying to stick rigidly to a routine based around an 8.30-4.30 work day that I'm no longer doing.

How did you do with your May goals? Do you have any goals for this month?


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