Monday, 15 June 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #23

1// Busy days The new service I work for has really started to pick up in the last couple of weeks and this week particularly I've really loved getting my teeth into difficult queries and learning how to answer them. 

2// Anticipation Even if my excitement this week probably falls more into the nervous excitement category, I do still love those few days before a holiday when you're writing checklists and to do lists and planning when to paint your nails or do the last load of washing. It has been tiring, but I'm tired and happy.

3// Skype How could Skype chats not make someone happy?

4// Battlefield Touring Saturday saw the part of this trip I've been waiting for - the WW1 battlefield tour. It was stunning, moving and so very interesting. I'm now planning my own - I'm thinking a car, tent and map. 

5// Belgium I'm writing this in Belgium as we're packing our bags again getting ready to move on to Berlin. We've had a great time here. It's a beautiful place and I feel like it's been quite educational. I've learnt a lot about the war and about Belgium's history that I didn't know before. Plus, lots of Kriek beer and chocs!

What has made you happy this week? Share your link below and use #sharethehappy on twitter and instagram!


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