Sunday, 21 June 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #24

1// City of Women by David Gillham I read this novel whilst in Berlin and it was quite the experience to read about the areas that we were exploring. I thought this was a very well written and very moving book.

2// Trying new things I've been trying to eat local and traditional food on this trip and this last week I've eaten and drunk so many new things. I have realised that I'm actually rather keen on wurst and aperol spritzers. Although the apfelstrudel in Vienna was by far the tastiest thing. 

3// Cafe Central sometime last year there was a series of art programmes on, I think, the BBC that focused on particular cities. I remember the Vienna episode quite vividly as it was so fascinating and it was wonderful being in the city and seeing everything that they talked about. Cafe Central was quite the literary and intellectual hangout in the years running up to WW1 so I couldn't resist having brunch in the same cafe where the likes of Freud would have done a hundred years ago. The food was pretty darn scrumptious too. 

4// Bookshop browsing I do love a good bookshop and seem to have a nose for finding them in other countries. We came across a couple in Vienna and I searched out one particular one. I may have only bought one book, but I've added a number to my wish list. 

5// Trains yesterday morning we were up at 4.45am to get a train from Vienna to Zagreb. I love a good train journey anyway, but this one was spectacular and the scenery was just beautiful. Even though there were a couple of hiccups (rail replacement service somewhere in Slovenia), I still loved it.

What has made you happy this week? Share your link below and use #sharethehappy on twitter and instagram!


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