Wednesday, 8 July 2015

10 Things I Learnt About Myself in Europe

1. I will always find a bookstore. I'm like one of those pigs searching for truffles - if there's one to be found, I'll find it.

2. Ditto cider

3. I will always pack too much and usually too much of the wrong thing

4. I think I'm a good navigator, but actually I'm really not (walking for an hour in the wrong direction does not make you good with a map)

5. Getting lost doesn't worry me as much as I think it does

6. But going into restaurants and cafes worries me more than I thought

7. There are times when it's best to do what scares me and there are others when it is just best to walk away

8. Missed opportunities feel worse than a moment of fear

9. I'm much less high maintenance than I thought

10. Eating local food is always best, even if it isn't what I would usually consider eating (e.g. lots of meat and carbs)


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