Wednesday, 1 July 2015

25 Before 25

25 before 25 Lit Nerd

Here we are then, my 25th birthday, and the end date for my 25 before 25 challenge. It has been a hectic year and one that has definitely flown past (don't they always), but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this challenge and how much I have achieved since my 24th birthday. So let's take a look!

1.  Read War and Peace 

2. Learn a new language - in progress

3. Run a half marathon in 1hr 50 - this wasn't going to happen, but I did run a 10k in 51:20

4. Get a job I enjoy  

5. Go to the top of the Shard - not got around to it yet

6. Read something out of my comfort zone

7. Learn a new skill

8. Visit a new country - Austria, Croatia

9. Go to five new cities/towns in the UK - Hastings, Lowestoft, Southwold, Oxford, Cambridge

10. Get a new tattoo - more or less planned (sorry, Mum)

11. Do a tough mudder/mud run - not sure I fancy it anymore, but one day maybe

12. Listen to a new genre of music 

13. Walk over the Millennium Dome - maybe one day

14. Try a new sport

15. Plan a WW1 battlefield tour

16. Watch a Quentin Tarantino film

17. Watch The Lion King on stage - I'd still love to see this

18. Go on a bookish trip - within London, but it counts

19. Climb a mountain - I've walked up a lot of hills, does that count?

20. Go on a solo trip - still something I need to do

21. Make a new friend

22. Complete a creative writing project - in progress

23. Re-learn the cello

24. Re-read all my childhood favourites - re-reading always takes such a backseat

25. Finish reading the complete works of Wilkie Collins - in progress (currently reading Armadale)

I've managed 13 out of 25 which I am actually pretty impressed with given that some of those aren't exactly small tasks - War and Peace, anyone?! A number of the others are in progress to varying degrees so again, I'm feeling pretty good about those.

A lot has changed since my 24th birthday when I first posted this list - both in terms of my circumstances and my priorities. Getting a new job required a number of adjustments to my lifestyle due to the hours and uncertainty of the role (it's a pilot project so we're winging it), but it has also encouraged me to work on my emotional resilience. Aside from the job there have been all sorts of other changes throughout the year. Some good, some not so good, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on all of them. 

This list has been quite the motivational tool and I know it has pushed me to do things that I would otherwise have let drift. For example, as much as I know I've always wanted to visit new places in the UK, I feel like this challenge has given me a reason and a little push to do that extra bit of exploring (and a little bit of book shopping!).

I'm now toying with the idea of a 26 before 26!

Have you ever tried a challenge like this? Would you?


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