Thursday, 2 July 2015

July Goals

June flew by a bit, didn't it? How was it for you? I've always loved June. There are plenty of birthdays to celebrate and the weather tends to be just right - more sunlight, but without the relentless heat of July. Although I spent half the month travelling I still made a number of goals so let's check back and see how I did.

1// Don't hold back There was the odd iffy bit during our travels and there is at least one thing I wish I'd forced myself to do, but in general I worked hard to stay out of my own way and experience things.
2// Finish War and Peace
3// Get back into a yoga routine Not so much...
4// Journal more I created a travel journal whilst I was away which I'm really proud of and it's given me a bit of motivation to journal more in my daily life.
5// Be more mindful I feel like I've started working towards this goal, but there is a long way to go.
6// Create a routine that allows for rest days  It's been hard to work on this goal with over half the month being taken up by no exercise at all (although 8hours of walking a day has to be something), so over the next month I'm working on getting into a solid routine again.

Even though only half of my goals have been crossed off I'm still going to say that it was a great month. Getting into a routine when you're away for half the month is difficult and I should have thought about that before  setting those goals. Regardless, I've started July feeling refreshed and full of positivity even if I am dripping with sweat (why, sun, WHY?!).

Now we've moved into the second half of the year I've been starting to take stock of 2015 so far. Unfortunately I still feel like I've not achieved (or even come close to achieving) something that will make a huge difference to my happiness - a comfortably healthy lifestyle. Starting this month and hopefully continuing for the future, I will be focusing on making those little changes which will set me on the way to the lifestyle I'm aiming to have.

1// Find courage Moving to London for me was all about being courageous and pushing myself to do new things and meet new people. I seem to have got myself into a comfortable - yet anti-social - routine now and it's time to change that. This month I'll be focusing on finding my courage again.

2// Rest June was a crazy month and I've started this month feeling very tired and wanting to sleep more than usual. I know that working on getting my diet back to it's usual healthiness will help, but I'm also going to give myself permission to relax rather than feeling the need to be 'on' constantly.

3// Find and join a bookclub It's time, guys. I'm dying to join a book club in London. Let me know if you know of any which may have spaces for a newbie!

4// Build up my running mileage again My running fitness has gone seriously downhill in the last few months. I'm not sure what's up, I just seem to be unable to keep going past even a 5k mark. Running alone has a lot to do with it so I think I need to find a way to motivate myself on longer runs even when it feels hard.

5// Read Victorian Lit Allie from A Literary Odyssey is running a Victorian Celebration event throughout June and July that I've joined in with. I've already read one Wilkie and have started a second, but I also hope to read something else before the end of the month. I just have to decide what that book will be.

6// Get back to a healthy lifestyle I would definitely consider myself to be a healthy person and I'm sure those close to me would agree, but recently I've let it slip and I've got into a routine of laziness that's been triggered by shift work. As a consequence I feel like I'm falling apart physically - bad skin, weak nails, headaches, fatigued etc etc. It's time to turn that around and drink more water, eat fresh food, cook from scratch and move more.

Do you have any goals for July?


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