Sunday, 5 July 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #25

1// Early morning birthday run I don't usually make a big deal of my birthday, but one thing I will always do is go for a run - it is one of my favourite hobbies, after all. This year I had to get up at 5.30am on the hottest day of the year to fit it in and I was rewarded with the most beautiful sight as I walked out of my front door (see above!).

2// Sitting at my desk You may remember me talking about my new desk with M bought me for my birthday. This week I've finally had the chance to give it a whirl and it's safe to say that I love it. It makes such a difference being able to sit up and do things, rather than recline on my bed.

3// Wilkie This fella is often featured in my happy lists and for good reason. This week I've been reading Armadale and, though I'm making slow progress due to a lack of reading time, I'm loving it. Miss Gwilt has just been introduced and I just know she will be a wonderfully devilish antagonist.

4// Criminal Minds marathons My sister bought me (and her, really) the latest Criminal Minds box set on DVD this week and we sat down last night after the gym and watched a couple with a lovely dinner and a glass of wine. Now we are both doing shifts we're often like ships in the night so it was good to have a chilled out evening together.

5// Friends and family I've had a couple of wobbly moments this week, but thankfully my friends and family have been there to keep me on the straight and narrow. They make me smile every day.

What has made you happy this week? Share your link below and use #sharethehappy on twitter and instagram!


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