Sunday, 26 July 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #28

1// This quote from Wilkie:

"I can tell you why, Mr. Armadale," said the major's daughter, with great gravity. 'There are some unfortunate people in this world whose names are — how can I express it? — whose names are misfits. Mine is a misfit. I don't blame my parents, for of course it was impossible to know when I was a baby how I should grow up. But as things are, I and my name don't fit each other. When you hear a young lady called Eleanor, you think of a tall, beautiful, interesting creature directly — the very opposite of me! With my personal appearance, Eleanor sounds ridiculous; and Neelie, as you yourself remarked, is just the thing. No! no! don't say any more; I'm tired of the subject. I've got another name in my head, if we must speak of names, which is much better worth talking about than mine."

Oh, Wilkie, why do you injure me so? I'm in the same boat as Miss Milroy - my name is a misfit as I'm actually rather short.

2// Massive job news a week or so ago I applied for a job that came up within a charity I've always wanted to work for. Much to my surprise, excitement and disbelief, I was interviewed and offered the job. I spent a good hour shaking with joy after being given the news!

3// 1984 On Thursday I had a craving for theatre. After a quick look online I found some reasonably priced tickets for 1984 at the Playhouse Theatre and snapped them right up. It was such a brilliant show and one I'm still thinking about.

4// Extended visits from M More days with M always make me smile.

5// Flyleaf I've been listening to this band a lot this week. They have the sort of music which suits any mood.

What has made you happy this week? Share your link below and use #sharethehappy on twitter and instagram!


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