Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Take a Minute

What could be more relaxing than a morning spent reading and drinking coffee?

Recently I've been reminded of the importance of rest, of taking a moment to myself, and not racing around trying to do everything. Last Saturday morning I took my own advice and took an hour first thing in the morning to drink coffee and read.

I always wake up early regardless of how much sleep I've had, so instead of jumping straight out of bed and off to the gym, I ambled downstairs in my dressing gown and slippers and popped on the kettle. With coffee in hand I then collected a variety of reading materials and my notebook and crawled back into the comfort of my very cosy bed.

I probably stayed there for a little less than an hour and it made such a difference to my day. I felt calmer, happier, more relaxed and also more energised for the day ahead.

As a quick side note, the book I was reading is really brilliant. It's a memoir about the author's experiences with Russian literature which really appeals to me as a recent convert to the joys of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky etc. It's almost putting me in the mood to line up my next challenge and as I type The Idiot is quite prominent in my eye line. Maybe...

Saturday taught me a necessary lesson in slowing down and taking the time to breathe, to appreciate the day, and to allow myself to just take a minute before rushing headlong into my to do list.

Do you ever take a morning to yourself?


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