Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Christmas Reading List

Every year I make a big deal about which book will be crowned 'The Christmas Read' (see here, here and here). Sometimes it's a re-read of an old favourite, others it's tackling an almighty chunkster, and still others it's all about picking something from the depths of the TBR pile, dusting it off and showing it some love.

This year I'm trying something a little different and will be reading seasonal and festive reads. My picks for Christmas 2015 are:

A Snow Garden and Other Stories by Rachel Joyce
Old Mr Fry still has his grips firmly on a little space of my mind a couple of years down the line which is a rare thing I find these days. For that reason I adore Rachel Joyce and will read anything she writes (although I'm yet to get to Queenie Hennessy - next year!).

The Night Before Christmas by Nikolai Gogol
Mostly this was a 'judge it by its cover' choice because ain't it a beaut?! I have, however, enjoyed Gogol's stories before so it's not a complete shot in the dark, and we all know I'm a fan of the Russian lit. Ticks all the boxes.

Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon
I've been unable to escape the love surrounding this British Library reprint. I remember the buzz from last year and seeing some of my fave bloggers review it over the last few weeks pushed it right to the top of my list of essential pre-Christmas book purchases.

I'm leaving London for the countryside today and I aim to be snuggled in front of the fire, with Mystery in White in one hand and a glass of fizz in the other, by 4pm at the latest.

Merry Christmas you lovely lot! Be sure to let me know what you'll be reading throughout the festive season.

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  1. Happy Christmas Ellie! I got The Life and Times of Santa Claus by L. Frank Baum in that gorgeous penguin edition the other day,they're so beautiful! And I loved Harold Fry too but hadn't heard of the wintery one,onto the wishlist it goes!


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