Monday, 14 December 2015

Things That Made Me Happy Last Week #44

1// Being busy I've had lots going on this last week and it's going to continue to be quite hectic until Christmas now, but it does feel good if a little tiring. One of the highlights was doing some extra voluntary work for the charity I work for at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a very cool throwback to my theatre days.

2// Young Writer of the Year on Thursday I trotted off to the London Library to hear the announcement for the winner of this award. Sarah Howe won for her poetry collection 'Loop of Jade', which I started reading the next day. It was a stunning venue and I'm proud of myself for being brave and going even though I was anxious to the nth degree.

3// Doctor Who marathons to make up for a busy week I had a slightly quieter weekend. Although I still managed to get out and about, Mike and I also watched a fair few episodes of old school Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who. Just what you need on grey December weekends.

4// Getting crafty whilst watching the aforementioned episodes I got busy with my Christmas card making (I'm no longer able to just watch something, my hands also have to be busy). I love how they turned out and I'm very excited by my new found interest in calligraphy/lettering. I sense a new hobby in my future.

5// Trying new things at the gym/ swimming to go along with my #25daysoffitness challenge I've been mixing my workouts up and trying a few new exercises. I've also rediscovered my love for swimming and a dip before work just makes the day so much better.

What made you happy this last week?


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