Sunday, 28 February 2016

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #50

1// Literature Festivals this week has been a busy one in terms of festivals. It's been Jewish Book Week and LSE's Space for Thought festival and I've made the most of both. Going to talks for LSE's festival felt very much like going back to uni as they were held in the university's lecture theatres - I loved it and the two talks I went to were absolutely brilliant.

2// Sushi On Tuesday my sister and I met up with a friend we've not seen in a while and went to our favourite sushi place in soho. It was super tasty and so good to have a catch up and a proper chinwag.

3// 29 Things Tomorrow is the last day of February which means it's also the last day of my 29 things mini challenge. I've really enjoyed taking more time for myself, even if it's only five minutes a day, and doing things I wouldn't necessarily prioritise. I'll be reflecting on the month properly soon.

4// Crime Museum Uncovered Yesterday Mike and I got up extra early (for a Saturday) and went to the Crime Museum Uncovered at the Museum of London. It's a brilliant exhibition - very insightful - and I'd really recommend it.

5// Crisp mornings I've absolutely adored how chilly it's been this week. I love wrapping up so I'm nice and toasty, going outside and seeing my breath float away in front of me. On the slightly more negative side of it, I have been kept awake at night by the cold. Once I'm cold, I'm cold and even three blankets and a hot water bottle doesn't make a difference.

6// It's very rare I post pictures of me, particularly not of my face (my hands feature frequently on instagram), but this week I wanted to share how I was feeling about a decision I'd made. Basically, I'm feeling better and more energised than I have a long long time as a result of this decision, this leap, and even if it comes to nothing I hope I'll still feel happy in the knowledge that I was brave and did something for me.

What made you happy this week?

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